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Sex It Up with 9 Frisky Foods Slideshow

Sex It Up with 9 Frisky Foods Slideshow


We all know the perks of popping a piece of Eclipse or Trident before a date, but fewer think of this cooling herb as the night heats up. Chew a leaf or two to give your mouth a minty fresh, tingly feel before you use it. Plus, mint has been proven to help with digestion, providing a great two-birds-one-stone situation — give your partner a thrill while abating any pre-date digestive anxiety. But remember: life in moderation, or great things come in small packages — any mantra that helps remind you to use this one sparingly, and especially not in tender areas, as the effects can go from seductive to stinging in no time.

Candy Necklace

Here's a great opportunity to put an adult spin on a childhood favorite: use a candy (or Fruit Loops, or popcorn, whatever gets you going) necklace as a garter belt. Give your partner a quick sneak peak while you're out on the town, and then let them eat off the belt one by one for a kinky way to kick things off.

Edible Meat Undies

Vegans, beware. These aren’t your standard edible underwear, sometimes called "CandyPants" due to their fruit roll-up consistency. These are for serious meat-eaters looking to let loose all of their carnivorous carnality. They call them: Brief Jerky. We at The Daily Meal can’t speak to the challenge of gnawing through tough meat in order to disrobe your lover, but we figure it’s more of a mind-over-matter scenario in this case. You can learn how to make these edible paleo panties yourself on instructables.

Agave Nectar

Two words: body shots. Plus, it's a more healthful option than its high-fructose corn syrupy counterparts like chocolate syrup, so you can at least say you made one good decision that night, even if you may have some other regrets.


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Vanilla Ice was onto something when he wrote the groundbreaking lyrics "Ice, ice baby" (and a catchy bass line to boot). It might be hard to see the sexy in something you plop into your drink or put on a swollen ankle, but trust us, when the skin is hot and sensitive in the heat of the moment, a burst of icy breath or a cold kiss is enough to put anyone over the edge. Cubed or crushed? That's up to you to decide.

Good & Plenty... & Cucumbers

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the smells that most increased vaginal blood flow in a study were a combination of Good & Plenty and cucumber, or Good & Plenty and banana-nut bread. Because there’s a little more prep that goes into banana-nut bread, we decided that Good & Plenty and cukes were an easier route to take. It’s up to you to get creative with these, but leaving a sexy trail of the candies and sliced cucumber along your body for your partner to eat off, hitting all the hot spots, might be a good place to start.

Oatmeal Bath

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For a more intimate evening, try taking a soak together in everyones favorite cereal: oatmeal. Not only will this give you a chance to get provocative in the porridge, but oatmeal is a proven natural skin moisturizer, so you can return to the bed with silky smooth skin thats bound to please your partner. Currants and brown sugar are all fair game.


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Time for a bit of hard truth: sometimes it just doesn't work out. Many of us know the feeling an evening that begins with high sexpectations and ends with a pint of Ben & Jerry's or an episode or five of your favorite TV show. Now that might sound like a successful night for some, but for those looking to dull the pain of another night alone, let lavender work its aromatherapeutic magic on you by placing a sachet on your eyes or spritzing a mist on your pillow. As you drift off surrounded by the aroma of a lavender field in Provence, you won't even remember stocking your pantry with Good & Plenty and cucumbers earlier that night. At least we hope not.

Potato Alarm Clock

Although perhaps less risqué than its fellow bedroom bites, this little device is critical for an important part of every sensual night: waking up the next morning. By some magic the more technical among us would call a "redox reaction," this spud-based timepiece will display the time and buzz when it's time to get up. And the best part of all? You can make it yourself — all you need is nails, copper wire, alligator clips, an LED clock, and some spuds providing a great DIY project to do with your special someone before things get steamy.

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