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Pickled cabbage faithful to the jar

Pickled cabbage faithful to the jar

A tasty cabbage that can stand like pickles next to almost any dish.
If you don't like the garnish, prepare shaorma with it !!!

  • 3 white cabbages
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 1 horseradish tie
  • 6 hot peppers
  • salt never before
  • dried stems of thyme and dill

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Fidelita pickled cabbage in a jar:

  1. Cabbage is cleaned of the first layer of leaves that may be dirty or clogged and cut into pieces with the help of a robot or a special grater.

  2. Knead the cabbage with salt and let it sit in a large bowl, covered until the next day.

  3. Peel and slice the horseradish.

  4. Put the cabbage in jars in which you put food, hot peppers and dried stalks of dill and thyme. Finish with horseradish slices that will act as a barrier both literally and figuratively.

  5. Close the jars with screw caps.

  6. It is good to serve after a few days.

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Thicken the cabbage in jars, leaving no gaps or air bubbles. Above you must leave a finger of the collected liquid. so it will keep well, it will not soften. If it does not have liquid on top, there is a risk of bitterness.

Pickled cabbage in a jar

We always prefer to make certain dishes at home, especially when the process is not difficult at all. This time it's a recipe for sauerkraut in a jar, perfect for winter days.

Ingredients for sauerkraut in a jar:

1 medium cabbage (about 1.3 kilograms)
1 1/2 tablespoons coarse salt
1 tablespoon cumin (optional, for flavor)

5 steps to prepare sauerkraut in a jar:

1. Slice the cabbage. Discard the withered outer leaves, then cut the cabbage into quarters and remove the core. Slice each cross section until you get very thin strips.

2. Put the cabbage in a large bowl and sprinkle salt on top. Mix these ingredients with your hands, and the cabbage will begin to become watery and soft, more like a cabbage salad than raw cabbage. Do this process for 5-10 minutes. The cumin is also added now.

3. Place the cabbage in a pre-sterilized jar. Press with your fist and pour over the liquid obtained from mixing the cabbage with salt. On top, put some of the outer leaves.

4. Place a few more clean stones or marbles on top of the cabbage so that it remains immersed in its liquid. Cover the mouth of the jar with a cloth and fix it with an elastic band or string. This allows air to circulate in and out of the jar, but also prevents dust or insects from entering the jar.

5. For the next 24 hours, press on the cabbage again to release liquid. Add another cup of water in which you dissolved a teaspoon of salt, if you do not have enough liquid to cover the cabbage. While the cabbage is fermenting, between 3 and 10 days, keep the jar away from sunlight and at a lower temperature.

Method of preparation

Cut the cabbage into quarters, chop finely or put on the cabbage grater. (watch video)

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Mix the cabbage with the carrots in a larger bowl, add the salt, chopped greens and spices and rub a little with your hands. Thickly put the cabbage in the jar, pressing with your fist, until the juice comes out on top. Leave the jar uncovered until the next day, because it starts to ferment, then cover the cabbage with well-washed cherry leaves and put the lid, not too tight, or cover with cellophane, because it still ferments. After 3-4 days, put the jar in the cold.

Dried tomatoes in oil

So: simple as hello! You take the tomatoes, wash them, cut them into slices, but be careful to keep them about the same

Traditional donuts

Clean the donuts and cut them into quarters. Make a bath of water, vinegar, spices, salt, honey, oil. When

Pickled cabbage in a jar & # 8211 is delicious and easy to prepare

Pickled cabbage is my favorite. Every year I prepare a few large jars of sauerkraut for the winter. I use my mother's recipe because it seems to me the simplest and tastiest. I recommend you try it too! You can't go wrong!

Necessary ingredients:

  • 20 gr cabbage
  • 300 gr coarse salt, 250 gr onion
  • Dill seeds (optional)
  • 1 envelope itinerary

Method of preparation:

To start, we put the cabbage through a grater or chop it finely. Then peel the onion and cut it into small pieces.

We then prepare the largest jars we have. Put in a bowl chopped cabbage, onion, salt, cumin and dill seeds. Mix well.

Then press with your hands until the cabbage releases a sufficient amount of liquid. We mix occasionally.

Then put the cabbage in the previously washed jars. However, we leave a distance of 5 cm between the mouth of the jar and the cabbage. We put the lids on the jars, but we don't tighten them very much.

Place the jars in a warm room and let the cabbage ferment for about 5-6 weeks.

After the cabbage has fermented, we screw the caps well and take the jars to a cool, dark place. Thus, cabbage can be eaten for a long time.

Using this recipe you will have cabbage until next year, when you will put a new batch of pickled cabbage. The recipe is very simple, it can be prepared by any housewife. You don't need special skills to pickle cabbage.

You can eat sauerkraut with several dishes. It is absolutely delicious. Have fun with your loved ones and increase your cooking!

Cabbage in a jar for a day & # 8211 a simply amazing recipe!

Team Bucă gives you a very simple and quick recipe for sauerkraut with carrot, which can be enjoyed the next day. Cabbage is absolutely delicious, very fragrant and crunchy and is eaten instantly. Prepare several jars of cabbage and serve it with oil and onion as a separate snack or with potatoes, beans or meat.


-1 tablespoon with a pinch of salt

-1 tablespoon sugar or honey


1. Cut the cabbage and put the carrot through a large grater or cut it into strips.

2. You can put the cabbage and the carrot in layers or you can mix them. Put the chopped vegetables in a 3 l or 1 l jar, if they are few and press them well.

3. Pour the boiled water into the jar and wait until it is absorbed by the vegetables, then pour a little more water.

4. After all the water has been absorbed, place a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of honey (sugar) on top.

5. Put the jar in a deep bowl, as the cabbage will leave a lot of juice.

6. After a day the sauerkraut will be ready. Put a portion on a plate, add chopped onion and oil and enjoy.

Pickled Cabbage Food with Bacon and Cream

Pickled Cabbage Food with Bacon And Cream It is a classic winter food where the main ingredients are sauerkraut and pork, or smoked meat. A delicious recipe for Romanians everywhere, who do not necessarily have access to sauerkraut in barrels.

I know that this recipe for pickled cabbage with bacon and sour cream will probably seem like a trivial recipe to many. Everyone knows how to make sauerkraut with pork, sausages or bacon.

This blog, however, is intended to be the blog of a Romanian emigrant who tries his best to keep his Romanian culture and traditions on a continent where not many people know what Romania is.

The sauerkraut that I use for cooking does not come from my personal barrel. I would like to have a place to put a barrel of cabbage for the winter, but I live in an apartment and the space does not allow me to store many cans for the winter.

Pickled cabbage, here in Minnesota (where there is no Romanian store), comes from companies that sell European products online and looks something like this:

It is perfect for sarmale but also for any dish with sauerkraut and has an extremely close taste of sauerkraut that we are used to in Romania.

For this recipe I used a jar, which has about a kilogram of cabbage leaves, without juice.

How to make sauerkraut with bacon and sour cream:

Preheat the oven to 180C. As Sanda Marin said in her cookbook, Romanian dishes are tastier if we put them in the oven for a few minutes before serving them.

We will put the cabbage with meat in the oven after we cook it a little on the stove.

For this recipe, I used pieces of smoked, or bacon. You can also use regular, low-fat pork if you want.

It's a recipe that doesn't want to be complicated, so use what you have at hand.

Cut the bacon or pork into suitable pieces. Also cut the onion into small pieces.

Put the oil in the pan over medium heat and let it heat for 2-3 minutes. Add the meat and onion and cook until the onion becomes translucent and soft.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauerkraut.

Wash it in a stream of water, to remove the excess salt from it, if it seems too salty, then drain it well in a sieve. Cut the cabbage into small pieces and put it in the pan over the meat and onion.

This is what my sauerkraut taken out of the jar looks like. My cabbage wasn't very salty, so I left it like that, I just drained the juice from it.

This is what my sauerkraut taken out of the jar looks like. My cabbage wasn't very salty, so I left it like that, I just drained the juice from it.

Mix with the meat and onion.

Add the bay leaves, pepper and thyme. Stir.

Add a little water to cover the bottom of the pan and the cabbage not to stick. Add the chopped tomatoes, tomato juice or broth, as desired.

Now you can add a little more water to form a sauce and it can boil. It should look something like this:

Let it boil for a few minutes, then we can put it in the preheated oven. Cover the cabbage with a lid and let it boil in the oven for about an hour.

Remove the lid and let it bake for another 30-45 minutes and brown on top.

You can serve it hot, with sour cream on top. Good appetite!

Chopped sauerkraut in a jar

This recipe for chopped sauerkraut it reminds me of grandma. Every autumn, the jar with was indispensable in her kitchen chopped sauerkraut.

It's been a few years since I've made this recipe. I really don't know why it's just so easy to make and such good sauerkraut. Not to mention that it is also very healthy because, being pickled, it is full of probiotics.

So, this year I decided to resume my grandmother's habit and not like that, only with one jar per season but to do it as often as possible in small quantities. This way we will have a sauerkraut garnish for a long time without having to preserve it in any way.

I didn't try to keep it so pickled for the winter because I don't remember my grandmother doing it. For the winter he put sauerkraut in the barrel, you know why, whole sauerkraut. Which he used to prepare sarmale or sauerkraut or cabbage salad.

See here how we put the whole sauerkraut in the jar

Recipe of chopped sauerkrautit is a very simple one, easy to make and with few ingredients. Basically you need a cabbage, or more (depending on how much pickled cabbage you want to make), a carrot or two, salt and & # 8230 obviously, a jar to put it in. Take care of it for two or three days and the cabbage is pickled.

You can consume chopped sauerkraut as a garnish, adding a little oil and turning it into a kind of salad. But know that it is very good and as it is, simply pickled, without the addition of oil. At least I liked it.


Chopped sauerkraut in a jar for the winter - recipe for chopped sauerkraut in its own juice & # 8211 red cabbage salad and white sauerkraut quickly and easily & # 8211 preserves 100% natural, without preservatives.

To prepare chopped sauerkraut in a jar choose healthy cabbage that has no ripe leaves or spots. It must look fresh and healthy.

Of all the pickles, pickled cabbage it is perhaps the most used in salads in winter. It seems that it is not only tasty, but it is also very healthy, having the whole range of B vitamins, mineral salts, vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium. Sour cabbage also has a reputation for blocking the development of tumors, activating enzymes that neutralize carcinogens.

Chopped sauerkraut in a jar it can be used both for salads and to make kale. I have a few quality cabbage recipes which I prepared with sauerkraut in a jar, because I didn't have the patience to wait for it to be done sauerkraut in barrels. If you don't have room for a barrel, you want to make sarmale in the winter click here to see how you can get sauerkraut for cabbage rolls.

You can do that too sauerkraut soup with veal and smoked meat. It turns out so good! It can also be used to accompany a hot dog or various sandwiches with steak left over from the grill or oven. To make a quick and very tasty salad from

I chose to put red and white sauerkraut in the same jar. I will have a tasty and beautifully colored sauerkraut.

It is cut into strips, mixed with salt and cumin seeds. I took the method from my mother-in-law and I assure you that cumin seeds give the best taste. I also add horseradish, which ensures both taste and longer storage.

I leave below the list of ingredients and how to prepare it chopped sauerkraut in a jar explained step by step below:


2 large white cabbages
1 small red cabbage
1 radish root
1 teaspoon cumin
2 bay leaves
1 branch with celery leaves
2 thyme threads
1 dried dill flower
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 tablespoons coarse salt once

Cut the cleaned cabbage from the withered leaves with the fideluta type grater, rub it with coarse salt and mix it with 1 teaspoon of cumin. Let it soak for about 45-60 minutes.

On the bottom of a jar we put 1 bay leaf, 2-3 rounds of horseradish and a few peppercorns. We put the cabbage in jars in alternating layers from the white one with the red one, taking care to strain the thyme between these layers, in the middle of the jar. We press the cabbage well. Put celery, horseradish, dried dill, mustard seeds and a few peppercorns on top.

If the cabbage has been salted enough, it doesn't need water in addition because it leaves it, if you have a drier cabbage somehow and it doesn't leave enough water, it is filled in the jar until it passes over the cabbage with a brine to which I respect the 1 tablespoon proportion. with a pinch of salt to a liter of boiled and cooled water.

It would be good to keep an eye on the jars in the first week, as it is possible for them to ferment. Then we will remove and refill the brine, several times in a row, for about 5 days & # 8211 we will repeat the operation daily.

Pickled cabbage in a jar!

The simplest recipe for pickling cabbage in a jar: no pre-prepared marinade, no sugar, no vinegar! As a result, you will get the truest and most useful sauerkraut in its own juice (it is also called fermented). Each housewife has her own recipe for pickling cabbage, and we suggest you try this one as well. You won t regret!


For a 3 liter jar:

-75 g of coarse salt, never (3 tablespoons grated).

Per 1 kg of sauerkraut:

-25 g of coarse salt, never (a tablespoon)


1.Wash the cabbage and remove the shallow leaves and spine. If they have damaged or damaged parts, remove them as well.

2. Chop the cabbage in the form of long strips, 3-4 mm thick. Do not cut it smaller so that it does not soften during fermentation.

3.Put it in a deep bowl or large bowl. Knead it a little with your hands, but without exaggerating: it must become softer, so that it can release the juice quickly after adding salt.

4.Put the carrot through the special grater, which turns it into long, thin strips.

5.Add the grated carrot, black peppercorns, allspice beans and salt to the bowl with the kneaded cabbage. Mix well to spread these ingredients evenly through the cabbage.

6. Transfer the cabbage to a jar washed with baking soda and rinse well under a stream of cold water. After filling 1/3 of the jar, press the cabbage very well with a wooden spoon and add a bay leaf, placing it on the wall of the jar.

If you don't like black pepper, allspice or bay leaves, you may not add them.

7. At the end, pour the released cabbage juice from the bowl / basin into the jar. Cover the jar with a lid, without closing it tightly and place it on a plate or tray (during fermentation it is possible to drain juice from it).

8. Allow the cabbage to ferment for 4-7 days at room temperature (the fermentation process will begin the next day). During the pickling you have to prick it with a stick or a skewer 2-3 times a day - in some places, to the bottom - to release carbon dioxide.

If it is not stung during pickling, the cabbage can spoil, becoming bitter and smelly.

9. In 4-5 days taste the cabbage. If its degree of pickling pleases you, close the jar tightly and place it in a cool place (in the cellar or refrigerator).

Cabbage in a jar

Cabbage in a jar

Many of us would like to have it at hand pickled cabbage, but because they have nowhere to keep the barrel, they give up pickling cabbage for the winter.

I put them all year round cabbage in barrels , but this year I said it wouldn't hurt to have a few jars with pickled cabbage at hand when we have the appetite.

I combined white cabbage with red cabbage to have a more beautiful color, but also for taste. I recommend that the white cabbage be autumn because it retains its rigidity and will not soften like the summer one.

I used 4 l jars for this sauerkraut

Ingredient The sauerkraut in the jar :

Autumn white cabbage
Red cabbage
loose salt (never)
dry dill

Preparation of sauerkraut in a jar:
We cut the white and the red cabbage faithfully, as thin as possible with the knife or the cabbage planer. Weigh them and then mix them in a bowl. For each kilogram of cabbage we put 15 g of salt. The cabbage sprinkled with salt is rubbed between the hands to soften a little and thus reduces its volume and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.

We put it in jars by pressing it well with our fist. At the bottom of the jar we put a few sprigs of dried dill and thyme. We also put some horseradish sticks. We leave the jar, the jars in the kitchen for about 8-10 days in a warm place to start fermenting. If the place where you keep the jars is too cold, the cabbage will ferment harder and will taste hot at the end.

After it has fermented, soured, put the lids on and take them out in the cold. It is served raw, plain or sprinkled with oil, as a salad next to potato dishes, beans or steaks.

Good appetite ! I hope you can preserve it!