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There mayonnaise is a French sauce made from eggs, oil and lemon well known all over the world. used in various ways and in many preparations, this velvety sauce is generally much appreciated by everyone. There are two versions of the choice of his name: one claims that it derives from the word "moyeau" what does it mean "egg yolk"and the other instead derives from the Spanish city Mahon, the place where the military cook of Armand de la Porte (Duke of Richelieu) just improvised a sauce based on raw oil and egg yolk. home made mayonnaise be simple, I have never actually succeeded! Yes, there is no good blood between me and the mayonnaise. The first time I tried it was at the beginning of my "culinary career" when I used a whisk, as suggested by my book "Cooking School", followed everything scrupulously to the letter but nevertheless the mayonnaise went crazy. I blamed my inexperience and decided I would try again later. A couple of years ago, thanks to the fact that I had acquired some experience, I tried to prepare the mayonnaise at home again but even on that occasion I made a flop, you cannot understand the disappointment. So I decided to put a stone on it and amen, was it not said that I had to necessarily learn how to prepare mayonnaise at home !? A few months ago surfing the internet, however, I found the recipe for mayonnaise with the blender and it struck me a lot because according to the author (and reading all the comments reported under the article) this method was practically infallible, even the most impeded would have succeeded. So I took courage and decided to try, uh ... do you think I succeeded? Not at all, even with the blender a total disaster, mad mayonnaise, all thrown away and a rage that I do not tell you. Yet I have always used oil and eggs at room temperature and once I went crazy (the mayonnaise) I tried to add a further yolk incorporating it drop by drop, but nothing. The girls who work with me, knowing my problems related to the realization of the recipe and my disastrous attempts with its preparation, every now and then spurred me to try again, but after 3 such big disappointments I didn't have the slightest desire. He decided that on my blog, however, a recipe like this could not be missing, they made and photographed it while I was in Dubai. In 10 minutes, and on the first try, they succeeded, showing me how to make mayonnaise and this is the result;) I did not know whether to laugh or cry, anyway between me and the mayonnaise I don't know if there will ever be a reconciliation so I decided for the moment to post the recipe, then I will keep you updated in case I decide to try again;) Happy Saturday friends; *

To avoid the risk of the mayonnaise going crazy, it is preferable that the eggs are at room temperature, so take them out of the refrigerator at least a couple of hours before starting the preparation.
Taking care not to break the yolks, separate them from the egg whites and place them in a tall-sided mug.
Add the oil.
Then add the lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

At this point, completely immerse the blender in the jug, it is important that it touches the bottom.
Operate the blender at maximum speed and do not move it for about ten seconds, or until the mayonnaise begins to thicken. Then you can start making a bottom-up movement.
In a few seconds the mayonnaise will be ready. If, on the other hand, it seems too liquid, add a little more oil until it becomes the right consistency.

Store the mayonnaise in the fridge until you are ready to use it, it will keep for 3-4 days at most

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