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Chestnut cake

Chestnut cake

There Chestnut cake today was born from the union of 3 recipes, in fact I was inspired by a cocoa cake, a cake made only with chestnut flour and a soft autumn donut :) If you love sweets with chestnuts I recommend you try it: soft, high and tasty, it is prepared with Chestnut flour, a little cocoa, honey and a fine shower of powdered sugar! Even my little girl was captivated by the taste of this dessert and so she had a guaranteed school snack for a couple of days.
Oh yes, because the chestnut cake, if kept under a glass bell, remains soft and fragrant for several days;)


How to make chestnut cake

Video: 栗子蛋糕Chestnut Cake用點心做點心杜麗娟老師 (December 2021).