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Eggplant pizzas

Eggplant pizzas

Recipe Eggplant Pizzette di of 30-05-2013 [Updated on 20-06-2016]

Here's another thing that I can't always find easily, the eggplant ball, so as soon as I saw them I went to buy them and prepare these nice little vegetable pizzas. Eggplant pizzas are perfect to be served both as an appetizer and as a side dish and are usually appreciated by everyone. Even today I go very fast but I have taken a minute to post the recipe, maybe it will come in handy to enrich your dinner tonight, so I say hello and get back to work. A hug to my friends who spend every day on the blog and make their constant presence felt, I don't write much but I always read to you, about your growing children, husbands who are away from home, variations of the recipes you try, a basin: *


How to make eggplant pizzas

Trim the aubergine and slice it into slices 5 mm thick

Heat the cast iron plate and grill the aubergines on both sides on it.

Prepare a fresh sauce with tomato sauce, salt, a drizzle of oil and basil
Arrange the aubergine slices on a baking tray covered with parchment paper and cover with the tomato

Cut the provolone into cubes and arrange them on the aubergines
Put the aubergine pizzas in the oven and grill for 10 minutes

Garnish the aubergine pizzas with fresh basil and serve

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