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Thermomix chocolate liqueur

Thermomix chocolate liqueur

Thermomix chocolate liqueur recipe by of 03-03-2016 [Updated on 07-03-2017]

The chocolate liqueur is a true classic, this one in particular is really good, light and sweet at the right point. Do it even faster with the thermomix.


How to make chocolate liqueur

Chop the chocolate for 30 sec., Turbo speed.
Add the water and let it melt for 2 min. at 90 °, speed 2.
Also add the sugar and vanilla and cook for another 2 min. 2.
Add the sifted cocoa a little at a time and cook for another 1 min., Again at 90 °, speed. 2. You will need to obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Filter the mixture through a narrow mesh strainer, then put it back in the jug, add the alcohol and mix for 30 sec., Speed. 2.

Let it rest for at least 24 hours, then bottle and close well: you can keep it in the pantry for up to 4-6 months.

Video: Homemade Chocolate Liqueur (December 2021).