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Video recipe cherry tomatoes in the nest

Video recipe cherry tomatoes in the nest

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Recipe Video recipe cherry tomatoes in the nest of 07-07-2015 [Updated on 30-11-2015]

Do you want to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer? Then don't miss my video recipe!
In a few simple steps I will explain how to make delicious cherry tomatoes wrapped first in raw ham and then in puff pastry, after having expertly seasoned them.
Once cooked, we will have obtained a real greedy temptation ... Seeing is believing!
These cute snacks are perfect to be served for an informal table or finger food, perhaps outdoors, thanks to the beautiful summer evenings to spend in company!


How to make cherry tomatoes in the nest

Video: how to make QUICK and EASY ROASTED CHERRY TOMATO SAUCE (June 2022).