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Chocolate pralines

Chocolate pralines

Recipe Chocolate pralines by of 13-09-2007 [Updated on 04-12-2018]

The chocolate and mascarpone pralines they are a sweet bon bon to be served after dinner. Not all recipes can be made and photographed step by step easily while you are preparing them. Yesterday I made a mess with these chocolate pralines. Photographed the dough, I started to make balls and I realized that I was dirty with chocolate from head to toe (yes, when I prepare desserts I'm terrible, after my passage in the kitchen it takes hand grenades to clean up) and it was unthinkable to rinse your hands again, photograph, rinse your hands and keep making chocolates ... I had to ask my boyfriend for help who kindly photographed a couple of steps.
He says that the reality is that I'm a mess, I agree with him ... in the meantime, however, he brushed a whole tray of chocolate pralines ehehehhe
Instead of the usual impersonal box of chocolates, try giving these delicious ones bon bon with mascarpone and you will see what happened. I prepared them last night for my boyfriend's mother's name day and apparently they were appreciated: D


How to make chocolate pralines

In a bowl large enough to contain all the mixture, mix the softened butter with the sugar until creamy.

Add the mascarpone, the liqueur (I used a sweet whiskey) and mix everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Coarsely chop the biscuits and add them to the mixture together with the cocoa.

Helping with your hands, make small balls and roll them in a plate with the tails of chocolate, grated coconut, chopped pistachios or whatever you prefer.

Put the cocoa pralines in the fridge for 2 hours

Put the chocolate and mascarpone pralines in the paper cups and serve.

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