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Melon and ham salad

Melon and ham salad

Recipe of melon and ham salad of 02-07-2013 [Updated on 13-02-2015]

Yesterday for lunch I made a melon salad with raw ham, mozzarella and rocket, a summer dish, fresh and light made even more tempting by the choreographic shape I gave to the dish. I got the idea from a magazine in which they proposed a salad with melon cut into balls obtained with the tool that is used to make ice cream balls, so I got to work and in 10 minutes I brought in table a nice lunch to eat even with the eyes;) Good day to those who pass by here.


How to make melon and ham salad

Cut the cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds inside

Obtain melon balls with the appropriate tool

Place the balls on a plate together with the mozzarella cut in half and the rocket

Add some raw ham roses.
Season with salt and pepper, pour a drizzle of oil and serve the cold melon salad

Video: Easy Summer Salad with Melon and Ham (October 2021).