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Parisians with jam

Parisians with jam

Put the sifted flour in a bowl and mix with the guarantor for leavened dough.

In another bowl, rub the whole egg and egg white (the yolk will be used to grease the Parisians) together with the sugar, salt and essence, then add the slightly soft butter, kept at room temperature. Then dilute the composition with a little warm milk.

Make a hole in the middle of the flour and put the diluted ingredients in it.

With the rest of the warm milk, rinse the bowl in which the ingredients have been diluted. Mix the flour with the middle ingredients, gradually adding the rest of the warm milk, alternating with the oil.

Knead a dough that is not too hard, which will feel very fluffy thanks to the guarantee for leavened dough. Cover the dough and leave it to rise for 30 minutes, in a warm place, during which time it will double in volume.

After this time, turn on the oven to heat. The dough is divided into 5 approximately equal parts, which will be spread with the rolling pin in rectangular shapes on the work table greased with oil. Grow at one end of the rectangles 1 cm wide strip, and at the other end put two tablespoons of jam. Roll starting from the end with the jam to the strips, and the side edges are inserted underneath so that the filling does not come out. Then the Parisians are placed in a tray lined with baking paper and greased on top, with the yolk mixed with milk, with a brush, sprinkle sugar over them and put in the oven until they pass the toothpick test.

Chia seeds, Herbavit, 500 gr

It is an excellent source of fiber, they are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. Chia seeds have a neutral taste and natural smell.

How to use: 1-2 tablespoons in different forms can be consumed daily. They can be eaten raw, ground or germinated, or they can be added in: cereals, yogurt, salads, soups, rice, sauces, in various shakes. Chia seeds can also be used in the preparation of cakes and biscuits. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date.

Ingredients: 100% chia seeds (Salvia Hispanică)

Parisian with jam - Recipes

Posted by Postolache Violeta on September 08, 2013 in fig jam recipes with fig jam recipes | Comments: 18

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My dear, I think I will try to do the same :-) (I ate apricot jam with figs and I really liked the fact that the figs gave a wonderful taste and I thought like a jam or jam only from them )
A few questions:
1. How many jars come out according to your recipe?
2. I'm going to make jam because mine aren't used to jam (and they don't even want to try it!), Apart from the fact that you have to cut very small figs, what do you have to consider?
Thank you very much!!
Te pup xx

It really has a special aroma, it's a real culinary delicacy! I got 3 jars of 400 gr. If you really make jam, you have to cut very small, or possibly give the figs to the robot and boil them until they reach the consistency of the jam.
Many kisses!

Mmmm, I think it's a real treat!

Oh, daaaa, it's one of the best, it has a really special aroma!

How cool it looks!
If I find figs at a good price, I will make at least a few jars. Thanks for the recipe!
Te puuup!

It's worth doing, it's really special!

Fig jam was a ritual when I was little. Grandparents had a big fig in the yard and the whole family enjoyed these wonderful fruits.
In our area, the jam is made from whole fruits, and inside, on the opposite side of the tail, a small piece of lemon peel was introduced, which gave it a special aroma.

Mmmm, how wonderful, my family has a fig tree in the yard but it's still small and doesn't bear much fruit! I ate some fig jam from someone, it was really very good, I didn't know about lemon peel, very interesting!

Now I boil the jam and I also tried the lemon peel, which seems to want to escape from the figs. )


Yes, with the shell. I also eat peeled figs, but in the jam it acquires a completely different taste.

As Mihaela said, figs are much better whole if their size is not too big. Inserting the lemon peel into the fig is not a bad idea. You can also add walnut kernels or hazelnuts through jam. It all depends on taste. My fig tree is right in front of the block and anyone who likes figs enjoys it.
I wish you good appetite.

This time they were little girls, but at the first opportunity I will definitely try them whole.

I tried the recipe and I'm already addicted to it. this morning I look luuuung and gales at the jars, but I try to be a man and not give, yet, yam in them. I have some doubts: I like everything very sweet, if you taste my coffee you make a diabetic coma :-) but still, the sweet came out fff sweet, even for my taste. were the figs too sweet or maybe the fact that I didn't have vanilla sugar as written in the recipe? I only put 3 sachets x 8 gr plus a vial, which also had about 2. the questions are purely rhetorical because I already have plans tomorrow big with a jar, right from the first hour, bread with butter and jam and a good cup of country milk..POOOP

I bought 10 figs but they are not so ripe, so my girls don't want to eat them so fresh so I will make fig jam according to your recipe. I saw several comments that encouraged me so I will try.

Try it, it's not very complicated and it comes out EXTRAORDINALLY good. I, I have already finished it, I am waiting on Friday when I go to the country to find more figs and to repeat the operation & # 39 & # 39 & # 39 :-)

Parisians with lemon cream - a sweet surprise for your loved ones!

Parisians stuffed with boiled lemon cream are incredibly fine. They look more like cakes than buns!


-5 g of dry yeast (one teaspoon)

-75 g caster sugar (3 tbsp)

-½ teaspoon of grated lemon peel

For the boiled lemon cream:

-60 g of starch (2 full tablespoons)

-100 g caster sugar (4 tbsp)

-½ teaspoon of grated lemon peel

-a tablespoon of lemon juice

-an egg - for anointing Parisians

-sugar powder - for decoration.


1.Prepare the dough: add sugar, salt, dry yeast and egg to warm milk. Mix very well and let the resulting composition rest for 5 minutes, so that the dry ingredients dissolve in the milk.

2.Add the liquid composition to the sifted flour. Mix very well with a spoon, so that all the ingredients come together in a pile.

3.Add the soft butter and grated lemon peel. Knead a sticky dough. You will have the impression that you need to add more flour, but according to the preparation technology, this is not recommended. We broke this rule and added about 20 g of flour.

4. Cover the dough with a lid and leave it to rise for 1.5-2 hours. It will become more malleable and less sticky.

5. In the meantime prepare the cream: pour the milk into a saucepan. Add caster sugar, vanilla sugar, grated lemon peel, sifted starch and egg. Mix very well with the target.

6. Put the pan on low heat and, stirring constantly, boil the contents until thickened and the first bubbles appear. Take the cream obtained from the fire and let it cool until it becomes warm.

7. Add the butter and lemon juice. Mix very well with a whisk or mixer.

8. Allow the cream to cool completely. It must be quite thick. If it is liquid, it will be soaked in the dough during baking and the Parisians will be empty.

9.Model the Parisians: divide the leavened dough into 12 equal pieces, weighing about 60 g. Shape them into balls.

10. Spread each ball of dough in the shape of an oval cake. Place about a tablespoon of cream near one of its transverse edges. Cover the cream with the dough, gluing the edges very well, to avoid the cream leaking during baking.

11.Cut the free part of the cake into thick strips. Bend them on the surface of the obtained Parisian, inserting their ends under it.

12. Place the Parisians on a tray lined with baking paper. Cover them with a clean kitchen towel and let them rest for 30 minutes.

13. Grease them with beaten egg (we used a yolk mixed a tablespoon of fermented cream).

14. Bake the Parisians for 25-30 minutes, until they are ready, in the preheated oven up to 180 ° C.

Gray with milk and jam & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

Recipe of semolina with milk and jam it is one that each of us ate as a child. Is it impossible not to remember the semolina with milk that you ate when you were little, with jam on top? Well, the other day I had a craving for semolina with milke and I really wanted to make this recipe. As a child, my mother often prepared this dessert for us, and I liked it with sour cherry jam. It was one of the best desserts. Sometimes I put a little cinnamon or burnt sugar on top. We were just fighting over him.

With these memories in mind, I then thought of sharing my video version of you with you. semolina with milk. A recipe from my childhood that is super easy to make and so good. Milk semolina is very easy to make and you don't even need many ingredients. The milk you use should be 3.5% fat. The fatter the milk. however, the dessert will be creamier and tastier. For flavor you can put whatever you want. Lemon peel, orange peel or vanilla pod as I did.

The semolina must be fresh, not one that has been in the cupboard for months. I used 50 grams of semolina for 500 ml of milk but you can also put 75 grams, if you want to get a semolina with stronger milk. Keep in mind, however, that when it cools, it will harden quite a bit. If you do not want to add sugar, you can add honey or other sweetener. You can completely rule out sugar if you use a slightly sweeter jam. I like sweeter jams, such as berry jam or raspberry jam.

This semolina with milk and jam can be eaten both hot and cold. You can put it in individual cups, and when it is cold, you turn it over and serve it. The little ones will be delighted by this dessert and will ask you to keep preparing it. It's great for dinner or just for a snack. Another childhood dessert is the recipe for milk with rice. Another dish easy to make and just as delicious. I invite you to try both and enjoy their taste. I am convinced that they will remind you of childhood and the desserts that our grandmother prepared for us.

Papanasi with sour cream and jam

Although I declare myself a lifelong fan of Moldovan papanas (in which the taste of cheese is so strong!) No portion of papanasi with sour cream and jam / jam (dobrogeni) I never refuse, neither I nor mine.

They are very fluffy, with a great texture, fragrant and really appetizing! We hardly resisted to take pictures :))

Ingredients for 3 servings & # 8211 2 per person :))

  • 350 g fresh cottage cheese
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 180 g flour
  • a spoonful of gray wheat tip
  • 1/3 teaspoon baking soda & # 8211 can be replaced with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
  • a teaspoon of grated lemon peel
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • a knife tip salt
  • jam / jam according to preferences & # 8211 I used apricot jam
  • caramel sauce / topping
  • sour cream
  • oil

Preparation Papanasi with sour cream and jam / jam

Extremely simple and fast, papanasis are prepared as follows:

Put in a bowl the cheese, eggs, sugar, lemon juice, grated peel, semolina, vanilla sugar and baking soda.

Then add the flour and knead everything by hand. Add excess flour only if the dough requires it, but I do not recommend it, it is perfect as far as the recipe mentions.

On the floured worktop, divide the dough into 6 equal parts, of approximately 120-125 g each.

Take from each piece the dough like a walnut and shape it round.

The remaining pieces are rounded into large balls, which flatten. Blow your hands and you will work very easily!

Insert your finger in the middle of each papanas, then rotate it to slightly enlarge the hole obtained.

Heat a lot of oil in a large saucepan / pan.

When the oil has heated up, turn the heat to medium and add the papanas and balls.

Fry them for about 5 minutes on one side, then turn and fry for another 3-4 minutes.

Take out in a large strainer and leave for 2 minutes, then assemble them for serving.

In the plate put a little caramel topping (it is optional) place the papanas, put a spoonful or two of sour cream, one of jam / jam, then the remaining papanas ball and put a little more jam and sour cream.

Parisians with jam

When it's cold outside, it seems that dough type desserts and especially those with jam / jam filling seem to fit perfectly. Today I prepared these Parisians, and I will definitely prepare them with the chocolate filling.

& # 8211 500 g flour
& # 8211 250 ml milk
& # 8211 20 g fresh yeast
& # 8211 2 eggs
& # 8211 50 gr melted butter
& # 8211 a sachet of vanilla sugar
& # 8211 70 g sugar
& # 8211 a pinch of salt
& # 8211 the sweetness / jam you want and crave

Method of preparation:
Heat the milk a little and dissolve the yeast in 4 tablespoons of milk
Put the flour in a bowl and add the milk, sugar, beaten egg, melted butter, the rest of the milk and the salt.
Knead the dough well and leave it to rise in a warm place

& # 8211 on the worktop put a little oil so as not to catch the dough, and divide the dough into equal pieces that we turn into Parisian
& # 8211 each piece of dough is stretched with the rolling pin the shape of a palm, half of the & # 8221palma & # 8221 is cut into strips at the end looking really like a human glove

& # 8211 put the filling on the whole side, roll the dough until it reaches the notched strips and then each strip or & # 8221degetel & # 8221 is passed over the formed roll
& # 8211 heads close well
& # 8211 line a tray with baking paper, place the Parisians, grease with a beaten egg and leave to rise for 30 minutes

& # 8211 then grease each Parisian with beaten egg and put the tray in the oven, preheated
& # 8211 Leave in the oven until nicely browned & # 8211 I kept at 175 degrees for about 20 minutes