Traditional recipes

Grandma's donuts

Grandma's donuts

The flour is sifted. Mix the yeast with warm milk, a tablespoon of sugar and oil (50 ml) and leave to rise for 15 minutes in a warm place.

Then mix eggs with flour, sugar, salt powder, milk, oil, yeast, and flavors. Knead the dough and at the end add a tablespoon of oil then mix again until it comes off nicely on your hands (it doesn't stick anymore). it is left to grow in a warm place until it doubles in volume ... for me the increase took an hour and a half.

The dough is folded inwards several times and divided in two.

Each piece is spread on the work surface greased with oil. Work with the twister and spread the sheet well. Cut the donuts into shape (or glass) and leave to rise again on the work table for about 20 minutes.

Put the kettle on the fire, and fill it with oil. We will prepare a kitchen basin, cover it with paper towel and here we will drain the donuts.

We fry the donuts carefully and they will get angry :))) and they will almost turn on their own ... I turn them on both sides a couple of times ... be very careful not to leave them because you risk burning them. The fire must be fast but not very loud :) I always sacrifice one to realize the frying time (so as not to take them raw)

Remove, drain, then when they cool, powder with vanilla powdered sugar ...

They are delicious ... worth trying :)

Fluffy and full donuts, according to Jamila's recipe

Let anyone say anything about her, Jamila is the most watched character when it comes to recipes! Maybe because she has a long history, because she has many recipes in her portfolio, because she explains them very well, I don't know exactly, but even my mother, who stays very little online, knows who Jamila is. Many of my dishes are according to her recipes. Including these fluffy and full donuts I made over the weekend. We have been looking for a donut recipe to our liking for a long time. We don't like donuts with a hole in the middle at all. I am not referring to the ones cut with a hole, the ones in the shape of a ring, but to the round donuts in which a large air gap appears.

Jamila's donuts are as we wanted fluffy out of the way, fragrant, full, a delight. The secret to getting them full is not to cut them with the glass from the dough, but to form balls from it. In other words, you will get about the same type of donuts from Grandma's recipe, just by changing the modeling mode. If you don't have your own recipe or you want to go safe, go to Jamila's hand. You can find the ingredients and how to prepare them from her video material.

We sacredly respected the weights, but we did a little differently for the preparation. Specifically, I do not have a kneading robot and, manually, in a thousand years you will not see me kneading a dough for 15 minutes. I made the dough for these fluffy and stuffed donuts in the bread machine. I have an old Heinner, but he still does his job. It is important, if you have a bread machine, to put the liquid ingredients first (eggs, milk, butter, essences, salt and what else you need), the flour being the penultimate added and, on top of that, the dry yeast. Do not activate the yeast if you go for this option!

I selected the 8 Dough program, on my bread machine, which has 20 minutes of kneading and two leavening cycles, of which I let it run only on the first one, of 30 minutes. The conclusion? Put everything in the machine and in 50 minutes you start to form the donuts from the dough obtained.

As you saw in Jamila's video recipe, for these fluffy and full donuts the dough does not stretch and does not cut. Simply form some dough balls, as equal as possible. Jamila says 70 g. We also made 70, last time, but they are a bit too big. Bigger donuts are harder to fry (because they have to stay longer in the oil bath and, if you don't fit the fire properly, burn on top) and to eat (even we, big eaters, couldn't really bite from they). Therefore, this time I made them 50 g piece.

That's about it. The recipe is as clear as possible and the result is delicious and to the liking of even the most picky eater. We doubled the quantities in Jamila's recipe (because we have a big family!) And we got about 30 pretty big donuts. They are probably as high in calories as those in the pastry / donut, but in the home-made ones you know for sure what you put. And they haven't been fried in used oil for weeks! Good job and good appetite!

Childhood recipe: Grandma's donuts with magic

Do you have a craving for something sweet? Try Grandma's recipe, which reminds you of childhood. Donuts with magiun (jam) are fluffy, delicious and are made very quickly.

For 8-10 servings:
300 g flour
200 ml of milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 egg yolk
20 g of fresh yeast
40 g butter
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
grated peel of a lemon
250 ml oil
150 g plum jam for filling - or other jam, jam, nutella, etc

Method of preparation

Remove the butter at room temperature 30 minutes before cooking.

Mix the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of warm milk and 1 tablespoon of flour. Mix very well until the sugar melts and leave to rise for 20 minutes in a warm place.

After the mayonnaise has risen, put the flour in a larger bowl, over which we add the yeast, 1 egg yolk, grated lemon peel, the rest of the sugar and the sachet of vanilla sugar and a cup of warm milk.

Knead well for about 10 minutes, and during kneading gradually add the rest of the milk, also warm.
When the dough is ready to knead, add the butter and knead a little more, until it is incorporated.

Cover the bowl with a towel and leave to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes, until the dough doubles in volume.
After it has risen, the dough is spread on a sheet about 1 centimeter thick. With the help of a round shape (I used a cup of coffee), the donuts are formed. Let them rise for another 5 minutes, then fry them in a lot of hot oil, on both sides, until they brown well.

Remove on a flat plate with a paper napkin to remove excess oil.
When they have cooled a little, they can be filled with nutella or jam, jam, etc.

Recipe fasting glazed donuts in the oven

The flour, mixed with the yeast, is put in a large bowl. Add the other ingredients and knead a smooth, but slightly sticky dough.

Grease the dough ball with oil and leave it to rise in the covered bowl for about 90 minutes.

After the dough has doubled in volume, we turn it over on the floured worktop, giving it a rectangular shape. The right half bends to the center, then the left half. Do the same with the other two sides, as if we were forming an envelope. Turn with the edges bent down and spread with a twister in a sheet with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm.

We cut the donuts with a round shape or a cup. We make the inner circle with the help of a plastic stopper. For the ones with jam, I used the whole stopper, but turned around and pressed lightly to create an inner circle, where I put a teaspoon of plum jam. You can use any more substantial jam or jam that you like.

Place the donuts in the tray lined with baking paper and leave them to rise for another 30 minutes. Then grease them with warm fresh water (water mixed with a little sugar) and put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, for about 25-30 minutes or until nicely browned.

In a saucepan, melt the chocolate with a tablespoon of oil, in a bain marie.

After the donuts taken out of the oven have cooled a little, we dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with colored ornaments, coconut flakes, etc.

On top of the jam ones I put a little ground walnut and powdered them with sugar.

The secret of the Moldovan lies, the delicious donuts cooked like in grandma's time

Moldovan lies are a bit more complicated to prepare than simple donuts, but the final taste and appearance are worth the effort.

It takes about 120 minutes to prepare "Lies". The dessert will delight both the taste and the eye.

Here is the recipe used since the time of the grandmother, taken from the cookbook of M. Sevastos, a true Bible of housewives from the '50s-'60s.

- 4 eggs
- 4 tablespoons of sugar
- A baking knife tip
- 2 tablespoons oil
- 2 tablespoons melted butter
- Flour as much as it contains
- A tablespoon of rum or rum essence
- Oil / grease for frying

Method of preparation:

Whole eggs are beaten very well with a pinch of salt, then powdered sugar, butter, oil, rum and baking soda are added one at a time. After mixing the composition, add the flour in the rain and knead the dough by hand. The shell should not be too soft, but not as hard as the one for the noodles.

The dough is divided into two equal parts. While half is left to rest in the vessel in which it was kneaded, the other half is stretched. A slightly thicker sheet than the noodle sheet should come out. With a toothed wheel, cut the dough from one end to the other at a distance of 4 centimeters. The long strips thus obtained will be cut obliquely every 12 centimeters. Thus, several rhombic pieces are obtained. Each piece will be notched in the middle, a cut about 4 centimeters long. Grasp a corner of each piece, go through the middle opening and pull both sharp corners. Thus, the bow shape will be made.

Model of PHOTO lies Danielabucatariemoldoveneasca-ardelenească

While we are modeling the lies, heat the pan / pan with oil or lard. The donuts are browned on both sides, then they will be removed on a large bowl on which we placed the napkins, so that the extra fat is absorbed. These will be sprinkled abundantly with vanilla sugar.

Rose-shaped lies

The same dough can be shaped into a flower shape. The stretched sheet will be cut with three glasses of different shapes (one of brandy, another of wine and the other of water). The obtained circles will be placed one on top of the other from the big to the smallest, then they will be glued in the middle by pressing the little finger. When fried in hot oil, they will take on the shape of a rose. In the middle, a cherry, a cherry, blueberry diseases, etc. can be placed.

Ingredients for the recipe of simple donuts or donuts filled with jam or cream

  • For the dough:
  • -500 g flour
  • -20 g fresh yeast
  • -2 eggs
  • -milk 250 ml
  • -vanilla, lemon peel
  • -1 salt powder
  • -50 g sugar
  • -50 g butter or oil
  • -oil for frying
  • -powdered sugar

Donuts, in a dilemma: good or bad for the body? What happens if we consume them constantly

Donuts are one of the most handy desserts prepared by Romanians. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and is suitable for any event. Thus, entrepreneurs have woven the habit of Romanians to consume donuts with the recipe and design of the famous Donuts American and came out more successful business, even a real trend.

Now, Romanians are no longer eagerly waiting for their grandmother's donut bowl, but are rushing to the mall or supermarkets to buy the most handsome and colorful gummies, which are anyway but not healthy.

According to the Pro Consumers Association, in 2018, over 20 types of donuts sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets in Romania were analyzed.

Here are some conclusions & # 8211 consumed daily, commercial donuts would make us fatter by 1.5 kg per month:

  • "Frozen dough donuts bite into chemicals!"
  • "A frozen dough donut contains up to 14 chemicals!"
  • "Milk-flavored donuts!"
  • "Donuts contain trans fats beyond safety limits!"
  • "Donuts made of frozen dough colored with titanium dioxide!"
  • "Donuts glazed with carmine!"
  • "28 food additives found in the donuts analyzed!"
  • "A donut contains up to 5 teaspoons of sugar!"
  • "A donut consumed daily for 30 days changes body weight by 1.5 kg!", According to CSID.

Colorful donuts vs grandma's recipe

This product made from frozen dough has nothing in common with the traditional one made from molded dough on the same day.. The traditional donut recipe contains flour, milk / water, egg yolk, sunflower oil, sugar, yeast and salt. Unfortunately, donuts sold in supermarkets are the snack or breakfast of many adults, but few of them know that these donuts have a very high chemical load, consisting of preservatives, dyes, acidifiers, emulsifiers and synthetic flavors.”Said Assoc. dr. Costel Stanciu, president of APC, according to CSID.

Who should stay away from them?

Donuts are high-calorie products, with a high content of trans fats and sugar in various forms, which does not recommend them to be part of the diet of pregnant women and those suffering from cardiovascular, renal and metabolic syndrome.”Added Assoc. dr. Costel Stanciu, for CSID.

In a large bowl, mix the cornstarch, semolina and baking powder.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. In a bowl, put the yolks, caster sugar and yogurt, then mix the ingredients with a mixer. Gradually add the oil and milk to the composition.

After the ingredients have been homogenized, leave the mixer aside and continue with a whisk. Incorporate the composition obtained from corn, semolina and baking powder. Mix very well until the dry ingredients have combined perfectly with the wet ones in a fine composition.

Grandma's donuts.

Confectionery has evolved over time, as ingredients and spices have become accessible to all consumers. However, rustic dishes remain in the top of our preferences.

  • 170 ml of lukewarm milk (37 °)
  • 10 gr brewer's yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 50-60 ml of sunflower oil
  • 80 gr sugar cough
  • grated peel of a lemon or an orange
  • 400 gr cozonac flour
  • Bourbon vanilla essence
  • a pinch of salt
  • frying oil
  • caster sugar, fine-grained, for powdering
  1. Activate the yeast in the warm milk, together with a teaspoon of sugar. Put it in a warm place and wait for it to foam.
  2. Sift the flour, pour the activated yeast in the center, start kneading a cake-like dough, gradually adding the rest of the ingredients. Add the salt after the dough has started to set, otherwise kill the yeast.
  3. When the dough has become elastic and no longer sticks to your hands, give it a ball shape, cut it into a cross shape on top, cover with a clean, clean towel and leave it to rise in a place away from the currents for 2 hours. .
  4. After it has risen, turn the dough over on a work surface, roll it into a roll and then cut it into 8 pieces, equal in size.
  5. Shape them into balls and leave them covered for another 30 minutes.
  6. Heat the oil in a pan, shaping each ball of dough with your fingers until it reaches the diameter of a dessert plate.
  7. Fry each piece, over medium heat, to fry well inside. Remove them on absorbent kitchen paper, powder them with sugar on both sides while they are warm.

  • Put eggs in a bowl, add salt and mix until smooth. Sift the flour and gradually add it to the bowl, 2-3 tablespoons at a time. We mix very well. If at the beginning we notice the presence of small lumps in the pancake dough, this will be adjusted as we add flour.
  • Mix the milk at room temperature with the oil (we do this to prevent the formation of lumps in the pancake dough).
  • When the dough begins to take on consistency, add 50-60 ml of the milk and oil mixture. Stir until the dough becomes fluid again.
  • We continue, alternately adding flour and milk, and mix well after each portion added to the dough.
  • In the final composition, incorporate the seeds of a vanilla pod, then leave the dough for 20-30 minutes on the kitchen table.
  • Heat, over medium heat, a non-stick pan and grease it with very little oil or butter.
  • We put a poland of dough in the hot pan. Bake the pancakes in a hot and greased pan every time you add dough. Baking time is 1-2 minutes on each side, then take them out on a plate and keep them warm, covered with a lid, until we finish frying all the pancakes).

Filling sweet pancakes - suggestions

  • The classic pancake filling is jam or jam, as I told you above I like filled with sugar. Nutella, vanilla cream or chocolate are very suitable fillings for this recipe.

Video: Dunkin Donuts Learning Letters. Granny Eats All The Donuts!! (October 2021).