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Mini-cake dessert with white chocolate ganache

Mini-cake dessert with white chocolate ganache

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Tart dough:

In a bowl, put the egg, lard, butter, sugar, rum essence, salt, sour cream and baking powder. Sift half of the flour canteen and mix everything. Gradually add flour and knead a non-stick dough. Form a ball that is covered with foil and placed in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

After this time, grease the special tart form with a little lard and put it on the stove flame to heat. The dough is formed from suitable balls that are shaped and baked on both sides. Do the same, until all the dough is finished.


Break the chocolate and put it in a saucepan. Add 150 ml of liquid cream. Put the pan on the fire and mix until all the chocolate melts, then let it cool completely.

Mix the rest of the whipped cream, then add the melted and cooled chocolate. Put the cream in a posh and, with its help, fill the tarts. They are decorated with grated milk chocolate with a vegetable peeler.

Mini-cake dessert with white chocolate ganache - Recipes


Health, happiness,
Peace, lots of money and love
Next year to have a party
And for dessert, for mini-pies.

INGREDIENTS for tart dough

Ingredients for ganache

For topping

WORK PLAN mini-cake with ganache

  1. First and foremost we make the tart dough, because we have to leave it in the fridge for a while. Specifically, we mix flour with butter, egg, sugar and cold water.Knead well until you get a homogeneous dough, which we wrap in foil and leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
  2. Divide the dough and form mini-tarts (I used a silicone form for muffins). Leave the mini tarts for about 25 minutes in the oven heated to 180 degrees, until golden brown.
  3. Melt the chocolate on a steam bath and then homogenize it with liquid cream. Pour the chocolate ganache into mini-tin molds.
  4. Let the ganache harden, then garnish with currants.
  5. Good appetite for mini pies with chocolate ganache.

Mini-cake dessert with white chocolate ganache - Recipes

The ideal cake for the birthday celebration. Chocolate as you like & # 8230

What you need (picture 1)
For the countertop:
& # 8211 9 oua
& # 8211 60 ml oil
& # 8211 45 ml water
& # 8211 9 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 6 tablespoons flour
& # 8211 6 tablespoons cocoa

For ganache cream:
& # 8211 550 ml fresh
& # 8211 350 chocolate (I used 270 gr dark chocolate, the rest milk chocolate)
& # 8211 100 gr candied fruit (optional) I used candied cherries

For syrup countertop:
-150 ml of water
-3 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 esenta de rom

For the glaze:
-160 gr chocolate
-40 gr butter
-100 ml whipped cream
For decoration: marzipan (for roses), chocolates.

Work plan:

& # 8211 We start with the preparation of ganache cream, which preferably stays overnight to cool.
& # 8211 melt the chocolate together with the liquid cream on the water bath (pictures 2 and 3), until it is homogenous. ATTENTION! Cream should not boil! We put the melted chocolate in a bowl in which we can then mix (picture 4). Leave to cool overnight, or at least 4-5 hours, then mix at low speed until it becomes a cream (pictures 5 and 6).
& # 8211 For the countertop, we preferred to bake 3 countertops in a row with 1/3 of the necessary ingredients. Justification: to have 3 equal pieces of cake top. But, just as well, to reduce the working time, make a single countertop and then cut it into 3.
I prepared the ingredients for the first countertop (picture 7).
& # 8211 Separate the egg whites from the yolks, then whisk the egg whites. Towards the end we add sugar and water (picture 8). Mix continuously until the egg whites remain "sticky" (picture 9).
We mix the yolks with the oil added gradually (like mayonnaise) at low speed (picture 10).
& # 8211 add the yolks over the egg whites (picture 11), then sift the flour mixed with cocoa, and incorporate over the egg whites with a wooden spoon. 12). Leave in the oven for about 20 minutes until the toothpick test passes. We repeat the operation for the other 2 countertops (picture 13)
For syrup:
& # 8211 Put the ingredients in a kettle on the fire until the sugar dissolves. (picture 14).
Meanwhile, cut the candied fruits and leave them to soak in water with rum essence. I left them for about an hour, then drained them well (picture 15)

Cake assembly:
Syrup the first top, add half of the cream, then the candied fruit (picture 16). Repeat with the second countertop. I did not syrup the third one (picture 17).
Glaze preparation:
Put the chocolate and butter on the water bath (picture 18). When the chocolate has melted, add the whipped cream. Mix well on the fire, without boiling, until we obtain a homogeneous icing (picture 19). We dress the cake in chocolate (picture 20)

We leave the marzipan at room temperature so that it can be easily shaped (picture 21). To make the roses, sugar paste balls are formed, which we spread by hand (because the marzipan is very easy to shape) to form petals. , & # 8211 for the smaller base, and for the outside of the larger rose. It forms a cone from a ball and wraps almost completely in a petal. Then place the petal after the petal as shown in the images below. (pictures 23 and 24)
Decorate the cake with roses and candies when the icing has hardened (picture 25)
Great appetite!

Preparation time: 180 minutes (including baking time), without the cooling time of the cream
Price: 50 lei (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients)

Desserts to lick your fingers. Chocolate tart recipes to try

We don't think that there is a gourmet who doesn't love chocolate, in whatever form it would be served. For those who want to try new tastes, we have delicious recipes drowned in good chocolate.

Chocolate is the ultimate pleasure. It can be molded perfectly in any kind of dessert: from the sophisticated ones with mousses and complicated decoration elements, to the banal ones that anyone can make at home.

Put next to fruit jellies or creams, chocolate always stands out. Because we like it so much, we thought of trying it in tarts, delicious desserts that make you lick your fingers.

I chose a tart filled with plain chocolate ganache, a tart filled with dark chocolate foam or white chocolate tart. What would you enjoy?

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Chocolate mini tarts

Fritters dough mini-tarts, filled with chocolate they are so good that they are addictive. My parents argue that I rarely make them, but the truth is that they are too good and I eat them too, so I better make them rarely. & # 128512

There's not much to tell recipe this, because they are easy to make, they are even easier to eat and fattening, not to mention that it doesn't make sense, right?

Mini-cake dessert with white chocolate ganache - Recipes

The simplest cake in the world is made by mixing all the ingredients except the baking soda in the lemon which is put at the end. However, I should mention that all dry ingredients should be passed through a sieve to avoid lumps.
Grease a tray with a removable bottom with butter and heat the oven to 180 degrees C, put the dough and bake for about 30 minutes.

Chop the chocolate well and pour hot cream and a tablespoon of butter over it. Allow to cool to room temperature and harden slightly. It would be best to pour the cream while the cake is in shape, but I risked pouring the cream after removing the cake from the form. But this is a small design detail and does not mean that a super tasty and cute cake did not come out.

For ganache cream there are 2 methods:

  1. Put the cream on the fire and when it heats up, without boiling, remove from the heat and add the broken chocolate pieces. Let it soften for a few minutes, well covered with sour cream, then mix quickly with a whisk, until the chocolate is well melted. Allow to cool slightly, then refrigerate for at least 1 hour, then beat with a food processor. This method has an inconvenience: if the chocolate is of good quality, it hardens in the refrigerator and it will be difficult to beat on the robot, many people have ruined the robots with this cream. That's why I recommend option 2, as I learned 30 years ago, at the confectionery laboratory.
  2. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt on a bain-marie together with 2-3 tablespoons of liquid cream. Stir until melted, then set aside to cool. Beat the whipped cream well, then add it over the melted and cooled chocolate and mix lightly, from the bottom up, to keep it fluffy. Just like pandispan.

TIP: cream for whipped cream (I use only natural whipped cream, with milk taste, not vegetable with cardboard taste) is kept cold, it is ideal to stay in the fridge in the evening. If it is hot, cut it, do not beat it well. See here How to make the perfect cream .

Done this way, ganache cream it is extremely fluffy and is made quickly. In this way, the robots do not break down and the ganache cream is obtained much faster, there is no need to wait until it cools completely and then beat the liquid cream.

In fact, whipped cream is the one that increases its volume, absorbs air by beating, so you can add it quietly over melted chocolate.


Melted chocolate does not have to be hot. It is best to cool it well beforehand.

I put the chocolate bowl in another bowl with cold water, which I change 2-3 times, mix vigorously with a whisk and in 5 minutes I have fluid but cold chocolate. I can add whipped cream. & # 128578

If you cut the ganache cream, it can be repaired very easily: add 1 tablespoon of cold water and mix vigorously.

If it does not want to bind, put the pot on the fire and heat the cream, then let it cool and beat it again.

It can be used both for filling and for dressing and decorating cakes.

Black cake with mascarpone and white chocolate brownie ganache

Mascarpone semifreddo with chocolate and hazelnut wafer, a simple and quick dessert, creamy and very tasty. With Silikomart Happy Birthday mold. I hope you like this cake cream recipe. White chocolate cream with mascarpone. How to make Natacha cake with white chocolate cream, apricot puree and ganache. COCONUT WITH COCONUT AND WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHES.

I decorated it as simple as possible, with white and dark chocolate cut into chips. GLAZING: 150 g chocolate (75 g bitter, 75 g milk) 100 ml liquid cream 30 g butter. For the chocolate and coffee ganache icing: -200 ml of cream. A dessert as simple to make as it is delicious. Dessert with mascarpone and white chocolate ganache. Search results: & quotdesert with mascarpone and white chocolate ganache & quot. See also great recipes for Chocolate Cake Shapes! Birthday cake Top with almonds, blueberry mousse, white chocolate ganache, and. Biscuit cake with dark chocolate cream is mascarpone.

You can also find here the video recipe for cream with mascarpone and ness or cocoa.