Traditional recipes

Wet muffins with raspberries and raisins

Wet muffins with raspberries and raisins

Soft butter, at room temperature, mix with a pinch of sugar for 1-2 minutes, then gradually add eggs and beat well after each.

Add the yogurt and then the flour mixed with the baking powder, lemon juice and essence and mix well for 1 minute to incorporate them well.

Then add some of the crushed frozen raspberries and flour. I should have put more raspberries in the composition.

We put composition in the muffin papers, but we are careful not to fill them (we put about 3/4) because the composition will increase a lot and it will flow from the shapes.

Sprinkle raspberries with flour and raisins on top and put the muffins in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until they pass the toothpick test. Sprinkle powdered sugar at the end. Let them cool and we can serve.

Simple diet

This is a simple alternative diet for people who want to lose weight.

The purpose of this therapeutic diet is to reduce calories to a level that can be safely and comfortably tolerated. Usually, diets that provide 1200 to 1500 calories a day are acceptable to most people. However, you and your doctor should determine the appropriate amount of calories required by weight, height, activity level and general health. The example shown here is 1200 calories for a day's menu. It can be modified by adding a food supplement. PRESENTATION OF THE DIET: Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner by selecting different foods from the right food list. This example (below) allows you to eat a fruit, cereal and a cup of milk for breakfast. You can choose to eat cereals with milk and a banana. Coffee and tea are optional. The quantities in each portion are indicated in each food list. Food portions can be exchanged for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but their total must not exceed the indicated one. For example, you can eat all the fruits in the ration for breakfast, but do not eat more than 4 meals a day (as you will see in the table below). RECOMMENDED FOOD PLANS FOR A RATE OF APPROXIMATELY 1400 CALORIES PER DAY FROM THE FOOD LIST BREAKFAST 1 fruit 2 fainos / bread 1 glass of milk SNACK 1 fainos 1 fruct 1 pahar latte PRINCE 2 pieces meat 1 vegetable 1 fat 2 flour / bread 1 fruit (or raw vegetable) DINNER 3 pieces meat 1 fat 2 flour / bread 1 vegetable 1 fruit (raw vegetable) LIST & # 258 WITH FRUIT (60 calories, 15g carbs): (one serving is a small piece or 1/2 cup unless otherwise noted) Blueberries (3/4 cup) Blackberry Fruit Cocktail (3/4) Fresh Pineapple Rhubarb (3 / 4 cup) Dates (2) Pears Grapes (juice) Bananas (1/2) Grapefruit (or juice) Melon Apricots (4) Lemon Peach Raisins Dried apricots (7 halves) Lemongrass Oranges Raspberries Strawberries (10) Tangerine Plums (3 ) Cherries (12 pcs or a cup) Apples (juice, shaved) Prunes (2) LIST & # 258 WITH VEGETABLES (25 horsepower, 5 g carbs, 5 g protein) (One serving is a cup of raw product or 1/2 cup of boiled product) Artichoke Zucchini Radish Sour Cabbage Pepper Green Beans Tomatoes Cucumber Beet Chicory Vegetables Mix Spinach Mushrooms Peas Celery Cauliflower Carrots Garlic Pumpkin Parsnips Raw Cabbage Note : Some vegetables are on the flour list LIST OF FINE FOOD (8o horse, 15 gr. Carbohydrates, 2-3 gr. Protein, 1-2 gr. Fat) Cornstarch Chicken Rice (1/3 cup) Biscuits Pancakes (20 cm 1 pc.) Pasta (1/2 cup) Graham Biscuits (2) Pretzels (5 small) Bread (1 slice) Muffins (1/2) Boiled white beans (1/3 cup) Fat-free popcorn (3 cups) White potatoes (1/2 cup) Gelatin (1 / 2 cups) Cereals (3/4 cup dry, 1/2 cup wet) Polenta (1 cube with sides 5 cm) Cake without fat (1 pc.) LIST OF MEAT OR MEAT SUBSTITUTES (55- 70 calories, 7 gr. Protein, 3-5 gr. Fat) (one serving is 1/4 cup or values ​​in parentheses) Sweet cheese (1/3 cup) Pork (ham, grilled) Fish (any kind) Cheese (skimmed) Sausages Lamb (grilled meat) Beef (veal) lean Beans, soy (cooked) Shells Chicken (skinless) Eggs (3 / week) Peanut butter (1 tbsp) LIST WITH GR & # 258SIMI (45 cal 5 gr.grasimi) Cream cheese (1 tablespoon) Olives (3 large) Sour cream (degreased, 2 tablespoons) Mayonnaise (1 teaspoon) Walnuts (6-10 pcs.) Meat sauce Margarine (1 teaspoon) Walnut coconut (2 tablespoons) Ham (1 slice) Marinated for salads Seeds (1 tablespoon) Oil (1 teaspoon) (Quantities may be increased if defatted products are used) MILK LIST (80 calories, 12 gr. Carbohydrates, 8 gr. Protein) Skimmed milk (1 cup) Simple skimmed yogurt sweetened with sweetener (1 cup) FOODS THAT CAN BE CONSUMED WITHOUT RESTRICTION Drinks: coffee, tea, unsweetened drinks Mustard, ketchup, vinegar Sugar-free gelatin Sugar substitutes Lemon or lemon juice Greens Various spices ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Buy fresh, freshly preserved and unsweetened fruits or in your own juice. Unsweetened sap sap. Respect the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. The recommended amounts of meat are weighed after cooking and refer only to the edible parts (except the bones). Make sure you remove all the fat from the meat before cooking. Remove the skin from the bird. It is preferable to prepare by boiling or grilling. If it is recommended to limit the intake of salt, avoid foods rich in sodium (pickles) and do not add salt to food. Although your diet should cover your nutritional needs, your doctor may recommend additional vitamins and minerals. Anyone on a diet may occasionally have a relapse. this does not mean failure. Long-term success is still possible. Combine diet with changes in eating behavior to maintain weight loss. Note: We do not assume responsibility for the use of these prescriptions without the supervision and recommendation of the doctor. Source: