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You've Been Pink'd

You've Been Pink'd

The You've Been Pink'd cocktail.

It's easy to picture yourself in a tropical paradise with this beach cocktail in hand. Made with Patron Silver, lime juice, agave nectar, and chilled hibiscus tea, the You've Been Pink'd is a refreshing feature of the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach. With each purchase, 10 percent of its $14 price is donated to the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care.


  • 1.5 Ounces Patron Silver
  • 1 Ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 Ounce agave nectar
  • 1 Ounce chilled hibiscus tea

The Egg Foo Young Recipe You've Been Looking For

Egg foo young is a quick Chinese-American dinner option for when you're craving takeout but want to save money, says food blogger & photographer Ksenia Prints of At the Immigrant's Table. It's essentially a Chinese cuisine-influenced version of an omelet that makes smart use of things we all have in our fridge: eggs, vegetables and leftover meat. Top it with savory-salty gravy, and you can't go wrong with this creative way of using leftovers. Plus, if you've always wanted to feel like an expert short order cook, this is your chance.

Egg foo young as we know it was developed by savvy Cantonese immigrant restaurateurs during the American Gold Rush, as they wanted to attract American customers who might have been averse to foreign flavors. However, the dish's origins are truly, authentically Chinese: It's based on a dish known as "fu yung egg slices," a complex Shanghai-based creation that combines beaten egg whites and ham slices, which change to chicken in northern China.

For the additional protein in our egg foo young, we suggest using cooked shrimp, but feel free to use whatever cooked protein you have left languishing in your fridge (in a pinch, canned chicken or salmon will also do). Any minced raw meat you have on hand will also work, as it will cook in about the same time as specified in the recipe (though do double check the temperature for extra safety while cooking).

So, for the next time you need to get dinner on the table in a hurry, reach for a skillet and make this delicious egg foo young recipe.

At 4 pm we made the switcheroo.

Jeremy came home from work and I ran out the door to a meeting with my web designer (it’s slow, but it is coming soon) and then to go meet with some folks for a run.

I had chicken in a marinade for Jeremy to grill, I set out some brown rice and showed him where he could find vegetables to throw in the microwave.

Fast forward to 7:30 pm. I arrive home and drink a gallon of water because it’s outrageously humid here in Michigan. Then I set about looking for leftovers. I managed to find the chicken and the rice. “Jeremy” I yelled, were there any vegetables left?

To this he answered. “I didn’t make the vegetables.”

“Honey, you seriously fed the children only grilled chicken and plain brown rice?”

So I heat up the leftovers, including the vegetables, which were the easiest because they were the microwavable vegetables with teriyaki sauce, and I go outside to sit on the front porch to eat my dinner.

Meleah comes out and sits next to me.

As usual, my deep thinker asks me why God made tornados. This of course led to a long drawn out answer from me starting with Adam and Eve and how we now know both really good and really bad. Which of course led us to discussion on death and dying.

And my children do recognize I had a brush with death when I battled cancer and so she mentioned that I hadn’t died.

So I asked her if she would miss me if I died. And she always gets this silly grin because the girl KNOWS how to tease, and she paused for a second and she finally said “yes mommy, I’d miss you if you died.” And she laughs.

And I say “You better miss me if I died!”

And I went on “look, who’d cook you vegetables little girl, not your dad, that’s for sure! And I make you breakfast and lunch and clean up after you…..”

And as I’m rambling all the reasons she should be really grateful I’m alive, she cuts me off and says in a really loud voice to make sure I hear:

“And mommy, you wipe me after I poop!”

And that my friends tells it all right there.

I knew I was good for something darn it!

“For an answer Jesus called over a child, whom he stood in the middle of the room, and said, “I’m telling you, once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like children, you’re not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in. Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God’s kingdom. What’s more, when you receive the childlike on my account, it’s the same as receiving me.”But if you give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped in the middle of the lake with a millstone around your neck. Doom to the world for giving these God-believing children a hard time! Hard times are inevitable, but you don’t have to make it worse—and it’s doomsday to you if you do.” (Mathew 18:2-6)

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Fan Art Showcase #94

Welcome to another edition of Ganz Fanz! This special edition features art found in the Share Center!

If you want to send in your favorite Webkinz drawings (and maybe get them posted on the Webkinz Newz front page!), please share them in the Share Center (under “Fan Art”) at the Ganz Parent Club or snail mail them to:

Ganz #043 60 Industrial Parkway

9 Responses to Fan Art Showcase #94

I love your drawing of the dog with the strawberry hat, marwaris! I kinda want their hat for myself!

Wow,! these are such talented drawings! Great Job to everyone who did them (:

Thank you Ganz team for showcasing the talented artists in our WW community! @cutiepie0225, or Sally Webkinz, I have to ask – is this how Sally’s avatar would really look if she wore the new cast? Your picture really brought a smile to my face!

@Resonatingthunder, are these all of your pink pets, or are all of your pets pink? :-D I love the expression on Bridget’s face, and was wondering which WW puppy that is? Congrats on the feature to you and all the talented artists shown above!

They’re the ones I have that I consider valentine’s-day-themed :) Bridget is a Sweetheart Pup. Thanks! (And Sally’s snake does look fabulous!!)

Unfortunately, Webkinz Snakes can’t wear the casts — but I loved this rendition!

Oh, sweet! I love your artwork ResonatingThunder and marwaris! marwaris, I love the cute style and shading of your puppy. And I love your semi-realistic style and their expressions, Resonating! =) The rest are cute as well! I like your two Kinz’s expressions, gcate7.. XD Congrats to everyone that was featured!

Put a Cork In It

If you&rsquore just getting into winemaking, I suggest picking up a double-lever wine-corker. There are more expensive floor set-up corkers. However, for the odd five bottles now and then, this is all you&rsquoll need. And it&rsquos much easier to use than the super cheap, all-plastic corkers often included in beginner kits.

As far as corks go &ndash don&rsquot be overwhelmed by the choices and numbers you&rsquoll see.

It&rsquos simple &ndash how long do you want your wine to last in a bottle? Different sized corks will keep wine fresher longer. I usually stick to a #9 cork as the wine will last up to three years. Most country wines made from fruits and vegetables are best consumed within the first three years of making them anyway.

Gorgeous Recipes for the Purple Produce You've Been Eyeing

You&aposve seen the wildly colored produce that&aposs all the rage in supermarkets and restaurants. But those vibrant veggies are more than just trendy: The darker a vegetable is, the more nutrients and antioxidants it has. Here are five side dishes with ingredients that are either naturally prone to purple, or can be swapped out for a purple version.

The recipe calls for 2 heads of cauliflower, making this recipe a perfect opportunity to use one white and one purple cauliflower. "This stuff rocks!" says recipe reviewer Buckwheat Queen. "I made one tray without salt, one with sriracha salt, and one with smoked salt. All were delicious and disappeared within minutes."

"This is an Indian dish I had while visiting a French family in the Luberon Valley. So I guess it&aposs a French-Indian side dish. I love it and make it all the time." —Matt Hunt Gardner. Tip: If your carrots are on the large side, cut them in half lengthwise so they&aposll cook through.

This fresh and crunchy salad takes only 20 minutes to make. Reviewers changed up their versions by using walnuts or slivered almonds instead of pinenuts and adding purple grapes and pomegranate seeds.

"A yummy side dish inspired by the haul from our summer CSA! Goes well with a main meat, such as steak or sausages." —zoobuffalo

"A delicious combination of purple veggies. They each retain their unique flavor while complementing each other nicely." —Jennifer

Check out our collection of Fruit and Vegetable Recipes.

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2017 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.

Conscious Protein Powder

The best part of all of these recipes is the Living Conscious Protein Powder. We&rsquore super proud of how delicious and effective our protein powders are. They&rsquore made with a plant-based protein, so if you&rsquore vegetarian or vegan, you can incorporate them into your favorite recipes and get that protein that might be missing. They&rsquore only 70 or 80 calories a serving, which is ideal for your weight loss goals, and they feature organic ingredients because we all know that organic is the way to go.

You've Been Pink'd - Recipes

The examples are endless: Sutter Home wine, FAT bastard wine, Global Journey wine, Pinky Vodka, Support Her Vodka, and even Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Why would the makers of a product that raises the risk of breast cancer promote it as if it’s part of the solution?

It’s all about the marketing.

1) The alcohol industry considers women to be a key growth market. (For example, the liquor giant Diageo has explicitly stated its intention to ramp up the marketing of vodka to “middle-aged women.”) This, despite the fact that women’s bodies are more susceptible to alcohol-related health problems than men’s.

2) Alcohol companies’ market research departments tell them that breast cancer cause marketing is an effective way to present a caring face to women. This has been described as the “halo effect.”

But shrewd marketing campaigns do not change the cold, hard fact that alcohol consumption is a risk factor for breast cancer, even at levels that could be deemed moderate for other health risks. One international study estimates that 9% of preventable breast cancer deaths in high-income counties are due to alcohol.

If alcohol companies truly want to show that they care about women, they should give them a break and ease up their aggressive marketing. And, while they’re at it, they should stop undercutting legitimate breast cancer research.


Well stated! The documented proof of the affects of alcohol and breast cancer are concerning. We can support our cause to end this disease by purchasing many other products. It is important for women to be self advocates and stand up for what they believe to be right. There is power to make change when dealing with an educated Advocate..
Don’t sink in Pink!

I too dread Brezst Cancer Awareness Month. We are already completely aware, especially those of us who have had the illness (in my own case twice). This is a month for strange entities to glom onto pink ribbons and pink whatever else they may dream up. to capitalize on breast cance and make themselves feel goodr. It pains me.

It is a symptom of the current era – marketing by way of “emotional hi-jacking,” and it appears that most companies are not above it. I challenge a present CEO of a socially responsible company to step forward in October, and separate his/her company from the greedy pack, and say, “enough is enough!”

Why can’t they offer more organic wine, beer and spirits?
That would really show that they care.

I don’t’ mind the Pink October at all. It’s the hoopla around inappropriate sales that sets me off. As a wine lover myself, I need to share with you Marge… French, Italian, Chilian and Spanish wines are organic. The ground is centuries old and they don’t need to add the “bad stuff”… they simply aren’t marked “organic” because they would be put on a back shelf somewhere which is not pleasing. Moderation ladies!

Yes, we are all very AWARE of breast cancer, I have 2 sisters who are survivors! Forget the pink and work on the reasons why this disease affects so many!

Since National Cancer Institute research shows that as much as 50% of cancer risk may be related to diet….why doesn’t Susan G. Komen commit 50% of the research dollars to breast cancer prevention and nutrition research?

I had no idea so many corporate sponsors of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure were food and beverage manufacturers.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. – Hippocrates

Best health always,

i never liked seeing those pink ribbons all over the place! drug companies don’t want a cure! they haven’t had a cure for anything in over 50 yrs. and thats just the way they like it, you on their drugs for the rest of your life. cancer is about prevention, keeping your cells healthy w/ good foods. cancer cannot grow in an alkaline state.look up alkaline foods. vitamin d is also important for breast cancer. good for preventing the flu also.

I think corporations are cashing in on the emotions of women who have lost a friend or loved one to breast cancer.
I think it’s shameful, and ther should be more inquiries into the pollution, pesticides and hormones in our food supply.

I agree that the alcohol makers should not be pink-branding their products. But there are plenty of organic-food-eating, non-drinking, non-smoking, exercising, appropriate-weight women dx’d with breast cancer. I hate the over-emphasis on lifestyle interventions. It seems to imply that if you do all these good things, you won’t get breast cancer. Wrong!

And moderate drinking reduces chances of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. So we do have to balance everything. Confusing, and there’s always new data coming out.

Thank you for having this blog. I get called all kinds of names because I things I say about Pinktober. I’m told I’m cold, hard, and don’t care about women. I’m a survivor I’m the ONLY survivor in my family. I’m the only one who’s lived to tell what life after cancer is like. I do care. I care so much I won’t settle for pink M&Ms and pink chicken buckets. I won’t settle for anything that isn’t prevention for anything that isn’t a true cure, a cure which isn’t almost as barbaric as the disease itself. Thank you for all you teach, and for staying the course.

What a great article, very well stated. I wanted to share my own little blog, where today I discussed something we all know very well… the Trendiness of the Pink Ribbon… please visit:

I urge people to check out the two links below to learn more about the breast cancer industry. It really opened my eyes. I want to see more education about what women can do to prevent breast cancer in the first place, but it may be a long time before we see that. Let’s educate ourselves and then our families and friends on what we, as women, can do to prevent breast cancer in our own lives.

“Breast Cancer Deception, an eye-opening special report by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. This is a shocking, tell-all report that exposes the scam of today’s breast cancer industry, revealing how conventional breast cancer detection and treatment programs are actually designed to ensnare women into a very harmful (but highly lucrative) system of toxic treatments that will only cause permanent damage to her health.

You’ve never read anything like this about breast cancer. It’s the report the industry would prefer to censor, because it contains startling truths about how the cancer industry actually feeds upon the continuation of this disease while censoring natural cancer prevention strategies that could halt 90 percent of all future cancers starting right now.”

“Exposed: 10 Facts about the Breast Cancer Industry You’re Not Supposed to Know (opinion) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger”

I used to be one of those who did the 3 day and raised all kinds of money for Susan G. Koman. I even sold the little pink ribbons to help raise the necessary funds. This last year January 3, 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a rough, awful year. I lost both of my breasts and have had extreme complications. Now, my husband has left me and filed for divorce….and has actually held over my head wether or not he will pay for my Cobra health benefits so I can continue in my treatment, reconstruction etc. It is a horrible feeling. As if cancer was not enough, now my family is falling apart too. I think the whole pink ribbon thing, is something done by people who have not really been affected by cancer but want to help…they don’t what else to do. I found that Susan G Koman did nothing for me personally in my time of need, despite that in my 3 3-days I raised almost 10,000 for them….and they say they are looking for a cure. You can read more about my dealings with BC at my blog: Heidi

Seriously, I can’t believe that we can do this. Breast cancer has a lot of causes, one might be alcohol, but what about all of the other risk factors. It can be heriditary, it could be caused by diet, it could be caused by lack of breast feeding, it could be caused by hormone replacement treatment…the list goes on and on and on…I don’t agree with the whole “pink” thing, everyone is on the bandwagon, not just the alcohol companies, but everything under the sun from vaccums to slippers. All I can say, as a breast cancer surviour is that I don’t give a shit how they raise money to do research, I just want the research done to save anyone out there who in the future might suffer what I suffered. Maybe everyone should walk a mile in those shoes!

It is appalling and criminal we have people and women getting Cancers like breast cancer and dying and the majority have no idea it causes Cancers and more harm-There are even talks of lawsuits like tobacco for failing to warn and inform the public-The Government is just as bad in avoiding and being silent and enabling more availability and more consumption and directly contributing to the Cancers and harm-As well the health and Cancer agencies and Doctor’s and other’s are failing their duty sue to the addiction and consumption and that includes many of them and the denial and so on-I am calling for a National coordinated comprehensive strategy to reduce consumption and harm and for awareness-education and prevention.The time is now to protect public health and safety and for future generations and the extensive harm and unsustainable burden to our healthcare and other services like policing etc.JMF Research BC

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[…] in donor money each year suing small charities who use the phrase “For the Cure,” and frequentlypartner with companies who don’t exactlyprioritizehealth, one has to wonder if Komen is more […]

[…] Month. Pinkwashing, or adding pink ribbons to products like candy bars, doughnuts and even wine, makes companies look like they care about breast cancer on the package. But what’s inside these […]

[…] Month. Pinkwashing, or adding pink ribbons to products like candy bars, doughnuts and even wine, makes companies look like they care about breast cancer on the package. But what’s inside these […]

The Scoop on Poop

You may still find it a little weird to watch and keep track of your dog’s feces. Considering the amount of health problems you can watch for and avoid, it is worth your time to know what you are looking for, and this dog poop color chart will keep you informed.

Obviously it’s a little gross, but since you're already cleaning up after your dog anyway using poop bags and poop scooper, you might as well investigate a little bit to know what’s happening with your dog’s health. You may even find out where all those Barbie shoes have disappeared to.