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Painici Laugenbrot

Painici Laugenbrot

Put the yeast with 50 ml of warm water + sugar + salt in a leavened glass (10 min.)

Pour the diluted yeast over the flour, add the rest of the water and 3-4 tablespoons of oil and obtain an elastic dough that we will leave to rise for about 30 minutes. in a place away from currents.

Bring water to a boil with salt and baking soda.

Divide the leavened dough into smaller portions (I got 13 pieces) and pass them for about 30-60 seconds through the solution obtained from water, salt and baking soda.

We take out the buns directly in the tray in which we want to bake them, lined with baking paper and before putting them in the oven we cut them on top and sprinkle coarse salt flax and sesame seeds.

Bake the pan over medium heat until golden brown (170 degrees, about 25 minutes).

Good appetite!

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