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Starbucks, McDonald's the Most Expensed Restaurants

Starbucks, McDonald's the Most Expensed Restaurants

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Naturally, businessmen expensing their meals while traveling tend to stick to chains

It looks like Starbucks and McDonald's will maintain their reign over the taste buds of America; The New York Times reports that Certify has analyzed the top restaurants for expensed meals, and those two megachains remained at the top.

Certify, a cloud travel and expense management software, found that Subway, Panera Bread, and Burger King rounded out the top five choices (perhaps Burger King will win back its second-place position?).

Starbucks had a total of 20,084 transactions, with purchases averaging at $7.54. McDonald's had 12,419 transactions (average $6.73), while Subway had 8,627 (average $11.88).

Panera, with 5,156 transactions, had the highest average purchase, at $19.12. Burger King, in the meantime, had 4,091 business purchases, averaging at $8.45. All this chain love makes sense; as New York Times writer Ann Carrns justifies, "I got up early, returned from reporting late, and the restaurant [Olive Garden] was on the way back to my hotel." People working don't always have time to eat at a local taco stand or barbecue joint, because we are not all Anthony Bourdain, who eats for a job. Sad.

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