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Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad

Take the two ripe, cleaned and washed eggplants (I kept them in the freezer) and place them on a wooden plate and chop finely with a wooden chopper so as not to oxidize or blacken. They are placed in a yena bowl, salted, a little oil is added and mixed. Finely chop the onion and make a mayonnaise (if you do not want to buy it commercially).

For quick mayonnaise you can use a single raw egg that will be mixed with the mixer or blender at high speed, over which gradually add, little by little, 100 ml of oil, salt. After the composition is sufficiently coagulated, add a little lemon juice and a teaspoon of mustard. Continue mixing and finally season with salt / mustard / lemon to taste.

At the end, mix the onion with mayonnaise and add over the chopped eggplant. Continue to mix until the mayonnaise blends in with the eggplant. The salad will acquire a beautiful whitish color.

It can be served as an appetizer or with a dish.

Good appetite! :-)