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Dessert tart with strawberries

Dessert tart with strawberries

In a bowl, put the soft butter, 2 eggs, flour, sugar, water and a pinch of salt. Knead until you get a homogeneous dough that you will put for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, clean the strawberries, cut them into cubes and put them on the fire, in a bowl with a thick bottom, together with the sugar and starch. Let them boil for 20-25 minutes, until the composition thickens.

Spread half of the dough in a tart form and add the cooled composition. Cut off the excess dough. Spread the remaining dough and cut it with a daisy shape, then add the dough over the strawberry composition.

Put the tart in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, for 40-45 minutes, until it browns nicely. Let the tart cool, then cut it into slices.

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