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10 Nerdy Wedding Cakes (Slide Show)

10 Nerdy Wedding Cakes (Slide Show)

What happens when geeks fall in love

Portal Cake

Replicas of the bride and groom show them taking a geeks' favorite form of travel — via portal gun — as a cute cake-topper and design. Now if only they could just portal their way to the honeymoon...

Mario Bros. Cake

Marrying a princess is a huge score for any geek. This adorably dorky wedding cake is perfect for any couple who thinks crushing goombas is a good way to pass the day. Mario and Peach happily sit atop a 1-Up mushroom surrounded by the chaos of piranha plants and deadly turtle shells — a pretty spot-on metaphor for a couple tackling a new life together.

Legend of Zelda Cake

Link and Zelda cake-toppers rule over a classic white cake to prove that nerds can be classy, too! The beloved characters sit amid their kingdom of Hyrule with little hidden gems (i.e. the Triforce symbol) only real Zelda fans will fall in true love with it.

'Dr. Who' Cake

This couple plans to exterminate all haters with this hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Dalek cake. They may be the good doctor's biggest mortal enemies on the show, but they make a cute set of newlyweds.

Nintendo Paddle Cake

If you're more of a traditional nerd, you can go wrong with a classic replica. This pair of vintage Nintendo paddles with entwined cords is great for a couple who gets the power of friendly competition.

Pokemon Cake

Marriage-chu goooo! OK, so maybe there isn't a Pokemon who actually has a marriage attack in the arena, but this couple sure thought highly of the animated critters. This cake pictures Team Rocket being wed amongst a sea of edible Pokemon. Who needs to catch them all when you already landed the perfect catch?

World of Warcraft Cake

A geek has scored an epic loot when they find someone who shares their love of a good old-fashioned MMO. In a game where interaction is vital, making a love connection isn't improbable. Characters are fashioned to the players liking, so any nerd couple can tweak this idea to fit their relationship perfectly.

Pac-Man Cake

Couples with a love for the classics will easily get on board with this timeless cake. Mr. Pac-Man are atop a maze of Pac-Docs ready to take down any intruding ghosts, doing so as husband and wife.

Katamari Cake

When the King of the Cosmos practically ordains a couple, you can't argue with that! These cute little critters take down opponents (and apparently tackle marriage) with this Katamari ball shaped cake after the Japanese video game.

'Game of Thrones' Cake

For a love that prevails over the seven kingdoms, this cake is a gift from the old gods and the new. We're sure you don't want to have a red wedding situation on your hands, but a love that stretches beyond the wall is definitely something worth celebrating!