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Meatballs marinated with wild mushrooms

Meatballs marinated with wild mushrooms

We mix the minced meat with the breadcrumbs, spices to taste, carrots, onions, garlic and chopped parsley (I preferred the robot) simple and fast and that's how the baby looks good :)

Add eggs and mix well until smooth, leave for 30 minutes and then with wet hands form the meatballs.

Fry them in hot oil (I preferred the fryer), take them out on an absorbent napkin.

As we fry the meatballs, we take care of the sauce;

Heat the onion in melted lard, add the pepper paste, the boiled and chopped wild mushrooms.

Let it harden a little, then add the tomatoes, mix and leave for 2-3 minutes, then add the zacusca, 1 cup of warm water, spices to taste and let it boil for a few minutes, when the sauce boils, add the meatballs and simmer. until the sauce decreases about 20-30 min.

We served it with spaghetti, but it goes very well with some pickles.

Marinated meatballs with wild mushrooms - Recipes

Preparation time: 1 h 15 min.

Ingredient: 1/2 kg meat, 2 eggs, 6 onions, 1 slice of bagel, 1 potato, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 grated celery, 1 tablespoon flour, 2 tablespoons broth, 2 tablespoons fat, lots of greens. salt.
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Method of preparation: The minced meat is mixed with soaked bagel, eggs, finely chopped and browned onions, grated vegetables, greens and salt. Make meatballs, roll in flour and fry in very hot fat. Place in a saucepan and pour broth sauce on top, and tomato sauce in winter. Add a bay leaf, greens and finally a little vinegar. They fall well. The chop can be prepared without vegetables.
The meatballs are served with tomato juice.

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Speak will be a co-presenter on the Antena 1 show

The new season will also feature a co-presenter, Speak. Because Gina Pistol will give birth to her first child, and during the filming the pregnancy was already advanced, she will have Speak by her side, who comes to her aid.

"My role will be to sit next to supporters when competitors enter the jury and sometimes to greet those who are going to go to work.

I talked a lot with Gina, she told me in detail how things are going, she told me that I will know a lot of stories, that I will feel the emotions of the competitors and that the whole experience will be something surprising ", said Speak.

Marinated meatballs with mushrooms - Recipes

Delicious mushrooms with mayonnaise they are an aperitif very widespread on the Mioritic lands, but often mocked by its manufacture from preserved mushrooms, drained and mixed with mayonnaise from the jar. That's why, as I just tasted such an insult (because otherwise I can't tell him), I decided it was time to get to work and do them myself. I recommend you do the same, if you want some mushrooms with mayonnaise as it is written in the book (well, it's a way of saying, because there are many variants, but anyway!)

1/2 kg of fresh mushrooms (forest would be perfect),
1 small onion (optional),
1 egg yolk,
1 teaspoon mustard,
200 ml oil,
lemon juice,
garlic (optional and to taste),
and a little more oil for hardening

First toilet the mushrooms and cut them as you wish: smaller, larger, slices, cubes, etc. Heat a little oil in a pan, sauté any cleaned and chopped onions, add the mushrooms, salt them lightly and sauté until ready.

Until cool, make mayonnaise from egg yolk, mustard, oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt, adding finely cleaned, washed and finely chopped parsley.

As for the garlic, you can either harden it with the mushrooms, or crush it and add it to the mayonnaise, either one or the other, or neither.

Finally, mix the mushrooms with the mayonnaise and leave them in the fridge for at least an hour.

Serious Issues

Because I still had a jar of pickled mushrooms in my pantry, I decided to make a Parmesan salad. The mushrooms were manatees, but I'll tell you from the start that some champignon mushrooms work better & # 8230

In addition to marinated mushrooms and grated Parmesan cheese, I also needed the following: 1 small zucchini (if possible as a carrot, if not larger, use half or a third of it), an onion, a clove of garlic, 1 lemon, 80 ml olive oil, fresh parsley, a few lettuce leaves, salt, pepper

I cut the mushrooms into pieces or slices, the zucchini & # 8211 slices very very thin (without peeling) and I chopped the parsley.

Dressing: separately, in a bowl I mixed the oil, with the crushed garlic, with the lemon juice and with the finely chopped onion I put salt and pepper to taste.

Then I mixed the dressing with the mushrooms, zucchini and parsley and let it cool.

The best anti-aging foods

1. Blueberries

Considered a superfood, these berries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat with many health benefits, he says. Bansari Acharya , a registered dietitian and nutritionist based in Detroit They have strong antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, which can slow down aging. Blueberries, says Acharya, are so versatile that you can enjoy them in smoothies, salads or even on your own.

2. Green tea:

Green tea contains many beneficial compounds, such as antioxidants and phytochemicals that can reduce inflammation in the body. Accelerated aging is usually caused by increased inflammation and green tea compounds can fight free radicals that can cause cell damage, explains Acharya. Green tea can be consumed traditionally or even more popular with matcha powder.

3. spinach:

Leafy greens, like spinach, are filled with tons of vitamins that act as antioxidants. These anti-aging foods are also filled with lots of fiber that are great for keeping your heart and digestive system healthy. Acharya notes that you can add spinach to salads, purees and even soups.

4. Dark chocolate:

Dessert lovers rejoice! Dark chocolate, says Acharya, can increase blood flow and circulation in the skin, which can increase skin moisture. This, she says, can reduce the formation and appearance of wrinkles. This food also has a high content of antioxidants and can also help reduce the level of inflammation in the body. Dark chocolate can be enjoyed alone or with nuts, such as dark chocolate almonds.

5. Lawyer:

Avocado is full of healthy fats that can be beneficial for skin health. Jenn LaVardera , registered dietitian and expert nutritionist for Naturipe. Research has shown people who eat diets higher in monounsaturated fats the type of fat found in avocados, have a lower risk of severe aging of the facial skin. Avocado also packs the compounds lutein and zeaxanthin, pigments that can help maintain eye health and reduce the risk of macular degeneration due to age, LaVardera explains. You can add avocado to salads, sandwiches and smoothies, or you can enjoy a breakfast of broken avocado toast.

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6. Flax seeds:

Hydration is essential to help remove wrinkles and keep your skin looking supple and young. one study found that participants who supplemented with flaxseed oil experienced a 39% increase in skin hydration after a period of 12 weeks. An improvement in skin roughness and smoothness has also been observed with the consumption of this anti-aging food.

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7. Salmon:

Another food rich in omega-3 is salmon. The type of omega-3 fat found here, called DHA (ie docosahexaenoic acid) is of particular importance for protecting the brain, heart and aging eyes. And bonus: Studies show that people who include DHA in their diets also have lower risks for the leading causes of vision loss as we age, including macular degeneration, he says. Elizabeth Somer , registered dietitian, author of Prove the age of your body , and a member of the Medical Advisory Board at Nutrition.

8. Vegetables:

Whether it's lentils, chickpeas, split peas or black beans, kidney beans, navy blue or pinto beans, legumes are full of nutrients that support mental health, such as folate, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. Bean folate protects against a memory-destroying compound called homocysteine. Antioxidant phytonutrients in legumes, such as saponins and phytosterols, can help protect against wrinkles and, per Somer, can also help lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. Try legumes in chili, bean burritos or pea soup.

9. Collagen:

Collagen is the main structural component of our connective tissue. And as we age, our body's collagen intake naturally decreases. Thus, consuming collagen supplements can help combat this natural progression of age. Carielle Nikkel, a registered dietitian and vice president of nutrition at Nutritionist, explains that collagen powder can be easily mixed into beverages. It has no taste and dissolves instantly. You can mix it in coffee for a frothy and delicious drink.

10. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which is important in the formation and maintenance of normal bones and plays a key role in supporting our immune system. Next time you make a meat loaf or meatballs, cut a few mushrooms to add extra nutrition to the meal, Nikkel suggests.

11. Lemons:

Do you start your morning with a glass of warm lemon water? You're on something! These citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which is crucial for skin health. One study found that women who consumed more vitamin C were less likely to have a wrinkled appearance and dry skin, making it one of the best anti-aging foods.

12. Watercress:

Not familiar with watercress? You will find it in the aisle of fresh produce. This leafy green has joined the ranks of the superfood world in recent years. It is full of healthy nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium and carotenoids such as beta-carotene, which can help repel free radicals.

13. Shells:

The shell is rich in selenium, an essential mineral that acts as an antioxidant that helps protect our cells from damage, explains Nikkel. She notes that these shellfish are one of the fastest sources of protein you can cook. Cut them over high heat for about 2 minutes on each side.

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14. Olive oil:

This delicious oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, which Nikkel says can help improve the health of our hearts. Use the olive as a salad dressing mixed with balsamic dressing or sprinkle it over the vegetables and fry them in the oven for extra heart health benefits, she suggests. You can also apply it topically for some extra moisturizers. Olive has been linked to help prevent skin cancer.

15. Pineapple:

This tropical fruit has a hidden anti-aging trick up its sleeve. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is needed for the manufacture of collagen - a protein that supports the structure of the skin, explains the registered dietitian Susan Bowerman. Enjoy it yourself, throw a few cubes in a salt-fry or put together a tropical fruit salad.

16. Turmeric:

This spice contains compounds, which act as natural antioxidants. Oxidizing damage can adversely affect the appearance of the skin, but it can also affect the body's ability to produce energy, says Bowerman. Turmeric is also used to reduce inflammation and can help treat various dermatological skin conditions as well, making it an anti-aging food.

17. Coconut:

Coconut is not only very nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, but helps support the skin's natural chemical balance to prevent wrinkles and acts as a protective anti-oxidant, he says. Orit Markowitz , a board-certified dermatologist in New York. He adds that it is also great for moisturizing both skin and hair and also helps with dehydration when administered orally as it contains a lot of electrolytes. The rooster also helps promote healthy-looking hair and can help control dandruff, he explains. And coconut oil can make an excellent moisturizer when applied topically.

18. Pumpkin:

The vibrant orange color of this pumpkin indicates that it is loaded with beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. This becomes converted to vitamin A in the liver, which helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin young and hydrated. This is the perfect food if you face dry skin, says Markowitz. Pumpkin is also loaded with vitamin C, another antioxidant that protects collagen and stimulates our immune system.

19. Carrots:

Carrots are not only good for your eyes, but they are also amazing for smooth skin. Carotenoids, found in carrots, protect you from everyday pollutants and can help prevent wrinkles. Beta carotene in carrots is a skin-friendly nutrient that turns into vitamin A inside the body and can protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, Markowitz explains.

20. Street:

Dark-leafy greens, such as cabbage, have a high content of antioxidants and other nutrients, such as vitamin C, which stimulate collagen production in the body, improving the texture, appearance and firmness of the skin, he explains. Chrissy Arsenault , a dietitian registered in Indianapolis. I think kale is delicious in a salad or smoothie, but my absolute favorite way to prepare it is to make kale chips, she explains. Just sprinkle fresh kale with olive oil and sprinkle with a pinch of salt, then bake for 15 minutes at 350 ° F. They will come out crispy and delicious!

21. Orange:

Another unit of power of vitamin C! Oranges and other citrus fruits have a high content of carotenoids, compounds that protect your skin from UV light to keep it firm and prevent wrinkles, explains Arsenault. Oranges are also excellent snacks on their own, which are easy to throw in your bag and get moving without mess.

22. Yellow Squash:

There is a wealth of anti-aging dietary power in yellow pumpkin, including vitamins A and B, such as B6, riboflavin and folate. These vitamins are essential for maintaining the body's metabolism and can help slow down the metabolism as you age, explains Arsenault. Try to fry some pumpkins in the oven, eat pasta with pumpkin spaghetti instead of noodles or make a walnut pumpkin soup.

23. Eggs:

Eggs, especially egg yolk, are a rich source of choline, a nutrient that can help support brain function and memory as we age. They also contain biotin, which promotes healthy hair and scalp. Nikkel says boiled eggs are a low-calorie and nutritious snack.

24. Bell peppers:

Bell peppers are an excellent source of antioxidants, such as carotenoids, which help with anti-aging by reducing skin damage caused by sun, disease, smoking and alcohol consumption. Different ways you can enjoy bell peppers is cutting them into a salad, arriving them in a vegetable omelette or pasta with chicken fillet with bell peppers, he explains. Sandy Younan Brikho , a dietitian nutritionist registered with Dish On Nutrition.

25. Manuka Honey:

Manuka honey, says Brikho, reduces inflammation, which helps anti-aging by reducing the formation of inflammatory cytokines. Some of my favorite ways to enjoy manuka honey is to add 1-2 teaspoons to your iced coffee with vanilla milk and skim milk or almond milk, have a sandwich with peanut butter and honey, or add manuka honey on top of pancakes, she explains. Due to its moisturizing properties, this type of honey is also found in many anti-aging skin lines.

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26. Broccoli:

These green stems and their leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps anti-aging by playing a role in healing connective tissue and collagen. Some fun ways to add broccoli to your diet is to make a chicken and fried broccoli, broccoli garlic cheese as a side, or adding it to a soup, Brikho suggests.

27. Papaya:

This tropical fruit naturally contains the enzymes papain and chemopapain. These enzymes help support digestion, which in turn supports good health, adds Nikkel. She says try to make a tropical fruit salad full of papaya, pineapple and mango for a healthy source of nutrients throughout the week.

28. Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes contain an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which helps with anti-aging. And this antioxidant turns into vitamin A, which has been shown to improve facial wrinkles and skin elasticity. Some delicious ways to add sweet potatoes to your diet are by preparing a baked sweet potato, baked sweet potatoes as a side dish or sweet potato brownies if you want dessert, says Brikho.

29. Walnuts:

These tasty nuts are a source of herbal omega 3 fatty acids, which help support our cognitive function as we age. Walnuts can be enjoyed as part of a mix of tasty trails, mixed in salads for a satisfying crisis or sprinkled with oatmeal, says Nikkel.

30. Strawberries:

These delicious red fruits are full of antioxidants - nutrients that can help reduce and combat the damage caused to our body's cells by free radicals. And free radicals explain Nikkel, they are by-products that occur naturally as a result of our daily lives. Add this anti-aging food to salty breakfast with oatmeal, waffles or pancakes for a meal rich in antioxidants.

Bansari Acharya , a dietitian and nutritionist registered in the Detroit subway

Jenn LaVardera , registered dietitian and expert nutritionist for the Naturipe product company

Elizabeth Somer , registered dietitian, author of Prove the age of your body , and a member of the Medical Advisory Board at Nutrition.

Susan Bowerman , registered dietitian and senior director, global nutrition education and training for Herbalife Nutrition.

Dr. Orit Markowitz , a board-certified dermatologist from New York and founder of OptiSkin

Chrissy Arsenault , a dietitian registered in Indianapolis

Sandy Younan Brikho , a registered nutritionist with Dish On Nutrition

Clean the mushrooms well, rinse with cold water and drain.
Boil a large pot of salted water. When the water starts to boil, add the mushrooms.
Let it boil for 3 minutes from the moment the mushrooms start to boil. Then drain the water, rinse with very cold water, then drain very well.

In a pot boil 500 ml of water to which is added 100 ml of vinegar, 15 g of salt, 15 g of sugar, peppercorns, mustard seeds, bay leaves. Let it boil for 10 minutes.

Peel the garlic. Put the mushrooms in sterilized jars. Garlic cloves are placed between mushrooms. Put horseradish pieces on top.
The filled jars are placed on a metal support to take over the heat and pour the hot liquid over the mushrooms together with the pepper and mustard seeds and the bay leaves. Close the jars with an airtight lid.

The best marinated mushroom recipe & # 8211 a special treat, which always comes out!

Marinated mushrooms are a delicious appetizer, perfect for any season. They combine perfectly with both meat dishes and favorite vegetables. We present below the best recipe, with the help of which you will get some particularly delicious marinated mushrooms. They are prepared amazingly simple and fast, being much more delicious than those on the market.



1. Boil the mushrooms in a saucepan with water for 2 minutes.

2. Drain them from the water and let them cool a bit. Arrange them in a bowl of the right size.

3. Mix the hot mushrooms with the garlic, salt, vinegar, sugar, bay leaf and allspice. Pour boiled water into the bowl (at room temperature) so that the water covers the mushrooms a little.

4. Mix well and allow to cool. Refrigerate the mushrooms for 24 hours.

Marinated mushrooms appetizer recipe from Russian cuisine

A quick and tasty recipe for mushrooms from Russian cuisine, which is easy to prepare, is quick and you can't go wrong with it.
If you find the amount too large, you can reduce it, but keep in mind that mushrooms reduce their volume when cooked.
Store well in the refrigerator, in an airtight jar. They can be served with fresh bread.
Of course, this recipe can be adapted to your tastes, this is the basis to which you can add other ingredients.