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Tomatoes stuffed with "smoked" caviar salad

Tomatoes stuffed with

Ha, ha, ha ....... I didn't know how to call them but because I used smoked mackerel I came up with the idea to call them "smoked" caviar

  • 100 g of carp caviar
  • 300 g oil
  • tomatoes
  • mineral water
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 smoked mackerel

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Tomatoes stuffed with "smoked" caviar salad:

The eggs are cleaned of the skin and rubbed a little saltDrain the water formed by salting. Put the eggs in a bowl and add oil as in mayonnaiseMix well. From time to time add lemon juice and mineral water. The role of mineral water is to whiten them and make them fluffier. At the end add the onion given by grater and smoked mackerel strips. well this time with a spoon so that the mackerel strips remain whole, so that they do not crumble.

Separately wash the tomatoes and then cut a lid on top of each tomato with a special knife giving the shape of a water lily of the tomato. Using a teaspoon remove the core from the inside of the tomato and leave for 15-20 minutes, drain the tomatoes. then each tomato with caviar salad and lightly cover with the lid previously cut. Decorate with green parsley leaves.

Caesar salad with tomatoes

You noticed that this salad recipe is not on the site, and not because I don't know about the famous Caesar Salad or because I don't like it.. I couldn't reconcile myself and I couldn't stand the fat and heavy sauce, the classic one - I tried it in the same way, I don't like the taste or the texture anyway. And thinking that he has 1 glass of oil there, I didn't even want such a light salad. The leaves of the Romanian salad are sometimes replaced with lettuce leaves, but the croutons are indispensable. Currently, the salad is most often served with grilled chicken breast topping, rarely bacon or boiled eggs. Ingredients Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast Anamaria 3 years ago - 6 August 2014 21:34. Re: Tomato salad with onion. Really good tomato salad, now that you can find garden tomatoes. I make it combined from sliced ​​tomatoes, with bell peppers, cucumbers and red onions, unquenchable by squeezing, because I eat salad in the evening, when I don't leave the house the chicken can be replaced and with turkey or why not, with over. I sincerely hope you will try my recipe salad Caesar with chicken and I hope you like it. I simply love it, and the dressing is absolutely wonderful and can be used with other salads. For another salad wonderful, I invite you to try my recipes salad Greek Onion Salad, Tomatoes 188 recipes: Bean soup with red onion salad, Eggplant salad with tomatoes and onions (video recipe), Pumpkin and tomato salad (video recipe), Red bean salad, Tomatoes stuffed with lettuce Smoked caviar, Salad of ..

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Made from scratch, the original Caesar salad is prepared with croutons sprinkled with olive oil mixed with herbs, Parmesan cheese and a wonderful dressing, which will surely delight your taste buds! The most quoted source on the history and preparation of an authentic Caesar salad is the book From Julia Child's Kitchen. We wash and wipe the salad leaves, then break them. order of ingredients First layer: salad, tomatoes, onions, eggs, grilled chunks, pieces of bacon, pepper, dressing (1/2 of the prepared quantities) The lettuce is broken into pieces and added to a large bowl. small pieces and mix half of it together with the lettuce leaves, along with the croutons. Add most of the sauce and mix with your fingers. Spread the rest of the chicken, then sprinkle with the remaining sauce.

A cult recipe of the 20th century, Caesar salad is found on the menus of all hotel restaurants in the world and beyond. Simple in appearance, but sophisticated and subtle in depth, Caesar salad is highlighted by the strong taste of parmesan and the complex combination of flavors in the dressing Tomato salad with mozzarella In the warm season, salads are the dishes we prepare immediately. One of the fastest and easiest salads is the one with tomatoes and mozzarella. Along with fresh basil leaves, this salad is one of the little pleasures of summer Caesar salad 796 recipes: Caesar salad - irresistible, Rice salad (easy and simple), Pasta salad - simple and quick, Greek or horiatiki salad, Salad lentils and sweet potatoes, Japanese cabbage salad, Cucumber salad with .. Caesar salad is one of the most popular salads in the world. Despite controversial opinions that this salad was named in honor of the great general Caesar Caius Iulius, its name owes its name to another character, namely the American chef of Italian origin Caesar Cardini, owner of the hotel and restaurant "Caesar's Place", which in the 20s of the century. Caesar salad with chicken. Date of publication: Monday 04 August 2014, 08:27. Preparation time: 30 min. Difficulty: easy. Cuisine: International. Method of preparation. Fry slices of bread cut into pieces and sprinkled with olive oil in a preheated oven at 200C. Place the slices of prosciutto on the same tray. Leave them in the oven for 7-8 minutes

A typical New York salad - though they had nothing to do with Caesar - made its way to restaurant plates around the world. Make your own Caesar salad at home! 1. First prepare the sauce for which the sliced ​​anchovies, capers and sliced ​​garlic are placed in a bowl. Add the cream and vinegar and mix. After complete crushing, it If I want a filling salad, I make one with rice and tuna. Greek salad is very easy to prepare and very fast. The most important thing is to use good quality ingredients. For tomatoes, I chose to use cherry tomatoes, of three kinds, because they are very sweet and even taste like tomatoes.

The classic Greek salad contains only the elements listed above, all of very good quality: sweet and juicy tomatoes, garden cucumbers, green peppers, red onions. Of course, the 3 basic elements are not missing: feta cheese, Kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil. of olives. Seasoning is simple, just with salt and a little oregano Lettuce, corn, tuna, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, olive oil, focaccia

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast Laura Laurenți

  1. . Vegetable salads Recommendations for you and your home. Fruit and vegetable juicer B1700, Red - 700 lei.
  2. Caesar salad (300 gr.) 21 lei iceberg lettuce, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan. Thai salad (300 gr.) 25 lei cucumber, bell pepper, celery, sweet chilli, sesame, beef pulp. Tomato salad with telemea (200 gr.) 6.5 lei fresh tomatoes, telemea. Red onion salad.
  3. Thus, Caesar prepared this salad with the ingredients he still had in the refrigerator. The original recipe contained: lettuce, partially boiled eggs, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese, croutons, salt and pepper. Later, pieces of anchovy were added to the recipe (for a better taste, we recommend it.
  4. Caesar salad from: Romanian salad, toast slices, butter, garlic, sardines, egg, lemon, Dijon mustard, Wrocester sauce, oil, salt, pepper, Parmesan. Recipe of the day. Spread Eggplant salad with tomatoes and greens 31 August 2020. Recipe of the day: Lamb chops in butter sauce 27 August 2020. Recipe of the day: Chicken with potatoes and rosemary 26 August 2020. Bookmarks

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Among the classics of this season, the tomato salad with cucumbers is extremely popular, along with the wonderful lettuce. This is not surprising given that the ingredients are cheap and very easy to find this season and their combination is delicious. I think I could call it, without fear of being wrong, the simplest salad in the world. It has only two main ingredients, tomatoes and garlic, highlighted with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. For visual effect, it is recommended to use tomatoes of several colors: red, yellow, orange and even black. And if there are cherry tomatoes with. 1 large salad 180 ml olive oil 1 egg 30 g parmesan 40 - 50 g anchovy fillets 200 g garlic croutons 5 - 20 ml red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 clove garlic salt, 1/2 teaspoon mustard, pipe Some I would call this salad a Greek salad, especially if I make it with feta cheese. Sometimes a hint of nationalism revolts in me, as for now, and I'll just call it a tomato salad with cheese and olives.

tomato salad Tomato, cucumber and parsley salad is an ideal salad for hot summer days. It cooks very quickly and is refreshing. You can keep it cold for half an hour before serving. You can serve it with glue Salad with rice and cherry tomatoes Ingredients: 200 grams of long grain rice mixture with wild rice, boiled two cups of fresh arugula leaves, four tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of mustard, two teaspoons sugar, salt, pepper, a tablespoon of lemon, eight cherry tomatoes, cut into. Wash the salad well and whisk it, then break it into medium-sized pieces with your hands in a large bowl and set it aside until you take care of the other ingredients. Step 2. Put the pan on medium heat together with the oil. Then add the diced bread of about 2 cm. Stir occasionally for 5 minutes or until bread crumbs. Salad recipes: Potato and green bean salad with sardines Avocado salad with smoked salmon Vegetarian saorma on a plate Salad with parmesan dressing and pork chop per minute 1,829 recipes, 37,320 reviews and 54,075 votes Caesar salad is one of the most famous salads in world. And that any respectable salad has its own piece of history. The story begins in 1920s America in the restaurant of Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who had restaurants in Mexico and America

Mix the yogurt with the spice sachet for the salad and place on top. You can find more delicious recipes on the Recipe Book blog. If you liked our recipe Caesar Salad, don't forget to review it Ingredients: - Caesar sauce - 200 g boneless chicken breast - a salad head, broken into strips - 2 tomatoes, cut into quarters or eighths - a quarter cup of grated Parmesan cheese. Ingredients for Caesar sauce: - 6 tablespoons of light mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice - a tablespoon and a half of water - a teaspoon and a half of anchovy paste - 3 large cloves of garlic, crushed - a. Caesar salad has originated in the 20s of the last century, when the Mexican chef, of Italian origin, Caesar Cardini, prepared it for the first time in a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. The story goes that chef Caesar had to quickly prepare some food for a group of actors, given that he didn't have much left in the fridge. Into the. It is a simple, classic, healthy salad and favorite at dinner, the chicken being made on the grill, not fried in oil. This Caesar salad can be made without chicken, but using it will be much more consistent. Ingredients Caesar salad 2 heads of lettuce 1 chicken breast 4 slices of bread [ Monday, September 21, 2020 - FCSB made history again, after appearing in a Serbian corner without half the team and with a single goalkeeper, debutant and the one on the big team. What happened was summarized with an oxymoron by the writer Radu Paraschivescu, present in the DigiSport studio: funny heroism! Vasazica 4-4 in 90 minutes, 6-6 in 120, 11-10 after the penalty kicks.

1 Romanian salad (I used Chinese, because I had it in the fridge) 6-7 cherry tomatoes or 2 large garden tomatoes 1 marinated bell pepper balsamic vinegar. Dressing: 1 puppy garlic juice from a lemon (check not to be too sour) 40 g parmesan, grated 2 anchovy fillets (optional) 3 tablespoons yogurt a little Worchestershire sauce a little wine vinegar. The best fasting salads or with various types of meat or cheese, healthy salads or recommended in diets. Here is a collection of salad recipes Salad with tuna and boiled eggs - how to make: 1. Remove the canned fish and let it drain in a colander. Meanwhile, wash and clean the lettuce. Peel, wash and slice onions, cucumbers and peppers. 2. In order for the salad with tuna and boiled eggs to be as tasty as possible, we need sauce Menu of the day, Restaurant Cezar, Price of the day: 18.90 LEI. Delivery is free. 0730 - 80.80.96. Minimum order: 2 menus of the day

Green bean salad with smoked mackerel and horseradish sauce 4 servings Preparation time: 10 min. 400 calories, 35 g fat per serving Ingredients: 250 g green beans beans 150 g semi-dehydrated tomatoes 3 fillets of smoked mackerel 1 tablespoon grated horseradish 100 ml .. Pasta salad with tomatoes and shrimp A delicious diet! In fact, it is a combination of ingredients, in Italian style. 4 servings Preparation time: 5 min. Cooking time: 10 min. 461 calories, 9 g fat per serving Ingredients: 350 g small tomatoes (cherry) 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons caster sugar 350 g pasta (penne) 300 g shrimp Asian eggplant salad. Fine-textured tofu pudding. Meatballs with Vegetables, Tomato Sauce and Buckwheat Spaghetti. Quinoa Shrimp, Forage Leaves and Goat Cheese. Comments. Be the first to leave a comment. Comment on the recipe. You must be logged in to comment on this recipe. You have no account Chicken breast salad. Salads a chicken breast 400 gr. mushrooms 350 gr. cherry tomatoes a salad a bunch of radishes a red pepper and a yellow one 4 boiled eggs 1oo gr. telemea cheese 150 gr. yogurt a lemon salt pepper parsley dill 50 gr. oil 100 gr. a

, chicken breast, croutons, parmesan, yogurt dressing) 350g: 17 lei: Salad with salmon iceberg salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, smoked salmon, yogurt dressing) 350g: 22 lei: Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan (arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan) 200g: 14 lei: Salad with to I am always entertained by this Caesar salad, because I used to, before I found out that there was a Caesar salad, mix in a bowl everything I could find in the house: boiled egg, tomatoes, onions, cheese, ham, lettuce, oil, vinegar, lemon slices, hot peppers, pepper, basil, but also. Calorie salad - database of food calories. Note: All nutritional values ​​are calculated for an amount of 100 g. Contribute: Add a food

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  • and fibers. And let's not forget salmon is an important source of omega3 fatty acids that help control cholesterol, delay aging, protect the eyes and the list goes on.
  • PRICE SALADS Caesar salad (350 g) 20.00 lei Bulgarian salad (350 g) 18.00 lei Greek salad (350 g) 16.00 lei Assorted salad (150 g) 8.00 lei Cabbage salad (150 g) 6.00 lei Green salad (150 g) 7.00 lei Tomato salad with cheese (150 g) 9.00 lei Cucumber salad with dill (150 g) 7.00 Read more Salad
  • The ordered preparation may not look the same with the one shown in the image. Salad Greek 300g (mix of salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, feta cheese, oregano). 19 RON. Add. Salad Bulgarian 300g (mix of salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, beef tenderloin, Prague ham, olives, egg). 21 RON. Add. SaladCaesar 300g (salad iceberg.

Order the Caesar Salad product at home now and you will have a fast delivery and a superior quality of the preparation. Ingredients: chicken breast, lettuce, arugula, croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, eggs, dressin Classic Waldorf salad, simple, quick and tasty recipe. Simple salad recipe based on celery celery, fruits and nuts, seasoned with a mayonnaise dressing - Waldorf salad. How to prepare Waldorf salad and what variations the recipe allows

The period of fresh and healthy salads is approaching, and if you have decided to make a change in your diet, now is the perfect time. Here are 5 delicious salad dressings that you should try. Many times we do not urge ourselves to eat too many fresh vegetables, because we have become accustomed to heavy dishes, with a rich taste, but [Caesar Salad Caesar or Caesar Salad, we find it on the menus of all restaurants in the world. Although it seems simple, the combination between the taste of Parmesan and the aromas in the dressing, highlights it, placing it in the top of preferences

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Caesar salad 300g (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, olives, focaccia, grated cheese, sour cream sauce) 20.00 lei. Chicken Tempo Salad 350g Spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms 350g (spaghetti, mushrooms, tomato sauce, oregano) 15.00 lei. Spaghetti Milanese 350 Caesar Salad Tuna Cucumber Salad Carrot Salad Radish Salad with Yogurt Radish and Cucumber Salad Greek Salad Greek Pasta Salad Southwestern Salad Crushed Tomatoes with Tomatoes Swedish Bacon Potatoes Wedges Potatoes How to Boil Rice Caramelized Carrots Specific. Sweet and sour chicken. lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, olives, cheese, chicken breast, egg, 500 gr Weight: 500 - Bulgarian Salad Caesar Salad. lettuce, chicken breast, parmesan, soaked sauce, 500 gr accept the use of cookies in accordance with our policy on cookies Appetizer salads - include dressing and focaccia - Italian salad lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, ham, chicken breast, mozzarella, mustard sauce with mayonnaise 250g 17.5 RON Caesar salad lettuce, bacon, chicken breast, Caesar sauce, parmesan, croutons 400g 17.5 RON Tuna salad lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, tuna, corn [

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Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cut it into small pieces. Sprinkle browned croutons (bread cubes) over it. I made this recipe with the following changes: the yolks were cooked and I added grilled chicken breast. You can also experiment with other types of greens, such as watercress, so as not to limit yourself to lettuce. Chicken can be replaced with pork or fish fillets. Whether for lunch, for a dinner with family or friends, Caesar salad can be a delicious dish that you can prepare in just a few minutes Buy Hellmann's salad, yogurt & lime sauce, 210ml from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

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  • Salads Greek salad 14 lei tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, olives, feta, oregano Chef salad 14 lei lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sauce, cheese, egg Caesar salad 18 lei lettuce, tomatoes, chicken breast, cheese, egg , croutons Cabbage salad 10 lei Small Greek salad 7 lei Small Cabbage salad 5 lei Small Caesar salad 9 lei Shaorma Shaorma with pork gyros - small 10 lei stick, meat.
  • Besides the Caesar salad where you can replace the chicken with crispy salmon, a beef salad with candied carrots, tomato dressing and parmesan chips, but also a salad with grilled octopus, at Social 1 you can also find a salad with duck confit, para stewed, beets, celery and carrots
  • Salad with oranges and fried goat cheese 196 MDL. Mixed salad, oranges, goat cheese, Dorblu cheese, fresh cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, orange sauce, cashews, wheat flakes, strawberries. (1/210
  • Salads Entrees - Salads Entrees - Salad GoodGood (250 gr.) 25 leiProduct available Salad with caramelized turkey breast (300 gr.) 25 leiProduct available Homemade dumplings stuffed with spinach (250 gr.) ..
  • CEZAR- CHICKEN SALAD WITH CRUDITIES at July 19, 2016. Send by e-mail Post to the blog! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. BRUSHES WITH TOMATOES - (KOOLINAR RECIPE - 2016) OVEN WITH POTATOES IN THE OVEN - (KOOLINAR RECIPE.
  • Cut the lettuce thinly and place it on the bottom of a bowl or on a flat plate. Add the tomatoes cut into thin slices all around and the cucumber peeled and cut into slices. The slices of cheese and ham are stacked: one slice of ham, one slice of cheese, one slice of ham, one slice of cheese, etc. Then cut into cubes and.

Anyway, with this salad you will surely get tired! Ingredient. 4 tomatoes 100 g telemea cheese 100 g cheese 1 pickle cucumber 2 slices chicken breast 2 slices ham 4 tablespoons sliced ​​/ pitted olives 1 medium onion 1 avocado a can small boiled corn 1 bell pepper 1/2 lettuce 1/2 bunch parsley salt Pepper Salad Cezar The recipe belongs to an Italian, Cesare Cardini, from the Mexican town of Tijuana (on the border with the United States) and has spread throughout America, where it is considered a true poem. Ingredients (for 4 people): 2 cloves of garlic, 160 ml of olive oil (cold pressed). . We incorporate all the ingredients. Cut the lettuce, the fried chicken, add the pismeti, the tomatoes and the prepared sauce. On top, if desired, press with Parmesan or another type of cheese if desired. Good appetite

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  1. Caesar salad. 300g (lettuce, parmesan, chicken breast, croutons, Caesar sauce) 350g (bun, french fries, chicken / beef, mustard, white cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, white sauce, red sauce) Wednesday The daily menu is in stock 14 lei - Meatball soup - Spicy chicken wings - Rice with vegetables - Salad.
  2. French salad dressing Develey, 230ml French sauce is slightly spicy, enriched with dill and tomato paste, ideal for salads and entrees such as shrimp cocktails for example
  3. Chickpea meatballs with vegetables, french fries, caesar sauce, cabbage salad with tomatoes - 400 gr 18.00 RON Falafel in wrap. 18.00 RON Gaskets. Fries . 150 gr 5.00 RON Bread onion rings. 150 gr 5.00 RON.

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Culinary blog with recipes for sweets and traditional Romanian dishes, but also from Italy, France, USA • tomatoes • green onions • lettuce • 2 slices of bread • yogurt • mayonnaise • 1 lemon • garlic • cheese • olive oil • salt, pepper. Preparation: Slice the chicken breast, beat it on both sides and season with salt and pepper.

Caesar salad with quick chicken. Caesar salad with quick chicken can be improved at any time. By simply adding some croutons or a few pieces of marinated fish, make a simple slice a more refined and delicious Tomato salad with telemea 250g 8.00 Lei. Tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion salad 250g 8.00 Lei. Cabbage salad 200g 8.00 Lei. Chicken menus. Accompanied by Caesar Salad and mayonnaise sauce with garlic 27.00 Lei. Pork Schnitzel Burger-Chiflă + dose Coca Cola Pork schnitzel, cheese, homemade sauce, tomato, pickled cucumber, onion. Ingredients: salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken breast. Consisting of a chic event hall and a spacious terrace, Bachus is the perfect place to go out on a date with friends or organize important events in your life. Lettuce, 2 potatoes, 1 carrot, 2 tomatoes, 2 slices of toast. or croutons, 6 slices of ham (muscles), cheese, 200 ml of fine yogurt, dill, salt and pepper. The ingredients are for 2 servings. raw salad lettuce croutons salad with tuna Tomato Salad - Tomato Salad Order at home in Bucharest sector 1, 2, 3 +40 730 62 62 62 contact. The home.

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400g tomatoes, 1/2 Kg fresh cheese, 4 basil leaves, 2 teaspoons small coriander, 3 tablespoons red olive oil basil coriander salad Caesar Lettuce with bacon Eggplant salad with tomatoes. 350 gr + 150 gr 18,00 RON Bruschetta with tomato. 250 gr 12,00 RON Bruschetta with mozzarella. 250 gr 15,00 RON Caesar salad. lettuce, parmesan, bacon, chicken breast, caesar sauce - 500 gr 25,00 RON Italian salad. Eggplant salad with tomatoes and garlic. Bake the eggplants either in a baking tray or on a plate on the stove's eye. Bake them well on all sides, then put them to cool for 5 minutes. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. When they are cold, chop them with u. Tomato salad with olive oil is the healthiest. For a simple salad, finely chop an onion and rub it with a pinch of salt. Add sliced ​​tomatoes and olive oil. Mix the ingredients and sprinkle some finely chopped green parsley on top. The salad will have a special taste. The salad is washed and dried well, then cut or broken by hand. We cut the chicken breast into juliennes, and we cut the boiled egg into slices. The anchovies are drained of oil, and the potatoes are cut into thin slices with a mandolin. Take 5-6 slices of potatoes and gently twist between your fingers and s

Cream soup with chicken breast and mushrooms. 0 0 0. Baked chicken legs. 0 0 0. Raisin muffins. 0 0 0. Harbujel salad 0 0 0. Sweet roll. 0 0 0. Salad Caesar 0 0 0. Pie made of phloo dough. 0 0 0. Sumegi with walnut. 0 0 0. Keep an eye on us. Follow me on Facebook. Facebook. Salad Caesar (Caesar). It seems that this salad was invented by the immigrant Caesar Cardini, according to his daughter he was left without supplies at the restaurant and, in order not to disappoint customers, he invented this salad with the ingredients he had in the room. Salad with tomatoes and cucumbers summer. the market is full of vegetables, and this salad is my favorite! Ingredients: 4-5 large and ripe tomatoes. 3-4 cucumbers Garden gherkin. 1-2 sprigs of green onion. oil. fine salt. Preparation: Wash the vegetables well under running cold water.

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Menu of the day Smoked bean soup Red cream soup Chicken with. Zucchini and Corn Chicken Snitel Grilled Chicken Legs Grilled Chicken Breast Cheeseballs Chicken Roll Turkey Tray Carbonara Feathers Mussel Sauce BBQ Smoked Strain Pork Nuts Puree Rice Spinach Peas Sauteed Mushrooms Grilled Vegetables Steamed Vegetables Green Potatoes Potatoes White cabbage salad. Couscous salad with ripe tomatoes and olives Ingredients. 250 gr couscous 500 gr small tomatoes (preferably cherry) 3 cloves large garlic 60 ml water 30 ml olive oil + 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 150 gr black olives 5 strands chopped parsley 1 teaspoon fresh thyme

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  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, feta, dressing, optional red onions. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to add a review for Salata Romaneasca Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked with * Caesar Salad 19.90 lei Tast Salad
  • Considering that the hamburger has about 200 calories / 100gr., Caesar salad with chicken 145 calories / 100gr, and bread on average 180 calories / 100gr., We could say that it is a great achievement to be able to enjoy delicious cooked food without making worries about calories burned.
  • Ingredients: lettuce, spices, oil, vinegar About us Consisting of a chic event room and a spacious terrace, Bachus is the perfect place to go out on a date with friends or organize important events in your life
  • 100 g chicken breast, boiled egg, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, sauce al

Caesar salad 300g (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, olives, focaccia, grated cheese, sour cream sauce) 20.00 le lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, olives, cheese, chicken breast, egg, 500 gr. Grams: 50. Pizza Radu - Pizza and Fast Food Braila Pizza Radu - pizza and fast food Braila with home delivery

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  • Compare `Caesar Salad` from La Denisa with similar products. Choose the best. Menu of the day. Newcomers 1 Caesar Salad 15.00 lei Ingredients: Salad, chicken breast, croutons, tomatoes, olives, feta, chicken breast sauce bread, mozzarella, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, french fries, Santal Weight: 255 g. Chicken salad (Sorpatika) 26.
  • The recipe for lettuce with pressed ham is for those who love salads. I miss Caesar's salad but I replaced it with this one and it's pretty close. Because the sauce makes a difference in salads, I was very happy to read more
  • which grow at the base of the cashew fruit. These fruits as well as the leaves of the cashew tree are edible being very healthy, but the nuts are a treat
  • e, Mediterranean salad - for those who care about the figure
  • The fifth layer will be the eggs, which will be greased in the same way as a layer of mayonnaise. Put beets on top of the eggs, make them even and grease them well with mayonnaise. For a more pleasant appearance, grate an egg yolk and beautify the salad. Good appetite! Always with you Veronik! No. of people 2 people
  • lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, prickly ham, cheese, boiled egg, olives, onions - 400 g
  • Caesar salad with quick chicken can be improved at any time. By simply adding a few croutons or a few pieces of marinated fish, make a simple slice more refined and delicious

Order online from Pizza Sorpatika with home delivery - Eeatingh. Sliced ​​bun, sauce, onion, eisberg salad, pork and beef, cottage cheese, sliced ​​bun, sauce, onion, eisberg salad, pickles. Iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken breast, chery tomatoes, parmesan, croutons, crispy bacon, caesar dressing, egg There are no reviews yet. Be the first to add a review for Caesar Salad / 400 g Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * Your rating

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  • Caesar salad (350 gr.) - Ice cream salad, croutons, chicken breast, Caesar sauce, Parmesan Arugula Salad Basket with Parmesan and Cherry Tomatoes (350 gr.) - 25 Ro
  • Caesar salad is prepared simply, but with a special technology. If you do not take into account a few moments, instead of the famous snack you can get a slightly appetizing dish. Caesar salad is especially tasty if the lettuce leaves are juicy and even slightly crunchy
  • Ham roll with Waldorf salad Homemade pate in puff pastry with coriander Amous bouche with salami, cheese and cherry tomatoes Celery salad, carrots and mayonnaise (Coleslaw) Caesar salad with bacon, croutons and parmesan Hot buffet. Chicken breast stuffed with Feta cheese Frankfurt pork muscles Trout fillets with almonds Beef stew with vegetables.
  • I asked without tomatoes and onions, but I received with. I had to throw shaorma. 24.06.2020 I didn't like the little Caesar Salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken breast, cheese, egg, croutons
  • Meniul zilei Ciorba fasole cu afumatura Supa crema de rosii Pui c. u gorgonzola Pulpe pui grill Snitel de pui Piept pui grill Sufle de pui Curcan tava Pulpa porc tava Cordon bleu de porc Cârnați afumati grill Pastramă oaie Mici grill Creveti Somon Piure Orez Spanac Mazăre Praz cu măsline Legume grill Legume abur Legume mexicane Cartofi picanti Cartofi naturi Salata varza albă Salata.
  • Se taie un dovlecel fasii subtiri, se asaza pe o farfurie, se stropesc cu zeama de lamaie, ulei de masline si putina sare. Langa ele se pun cateva linguri de salata de orez. Se poate decora si cu o floare facuta dintr-o rosie
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Salate - Salate - NSALATA VERDI26 LEI300g (salata, rosii, castraveti,ceapa, ardei gras, ciuperci , sunca ,mozzarella, porumb, foccacia, sos italian) INSALATA DI. Salata Cezar (450 g) 29,00 lei. salata iceberg, piept pui la gratar, crutoane, fasii de parmezan, anchois si dressing Salata cu avocado (450 g) 34,00 lei. salata verde, rucola, branza, avocado, castraveti, ceapa verde, servita cu pita si sos chimichurri salata, rucola, rosii, ceapa rosie, ardei gras, alune, morcov, antricot fraged de. Cantitate Salata cezar. Add to Basket. Descriere piept de pui, bacon, rosii, mix de salata, paine toast, usturoi, maioneza, dressing cu file anchoix. Salata cezar. Share on facebook. Share on whatsapp. Share on email. însă până atunci venim la tine cu mâncare bună și caldă! Meniu Livrări. Sună pentru mâncare : 0742 159 840. Salata, piept de pui pane, ciuperci, rosii, crutoane, parmezan, dressing, optional ceapa rosie. Recenzii Nu există recenzii până acum. Fii primul care adaugi o recenzie la Salata Tasty Anulează răspunsul. Adresa ta de email nu va fi publicată. Câmpurile obligatorii sunt marcate cu Reteta Salata de rosii cu ceapa din Carte de bucate, Salate. Specific Romania. Cum sa faci Salata de rosii cu ceap


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-Sunca afumata porc
-Limba porc in aspic
-Muschi file porc in aspic
-Kaiser in aspic
-Sunculita taraneasca porc
-Carnat rece porc
-Guidem porc
-Babic porc
-Leber porc
-Cabanos de porc
-Carnati reci de porc
-Piftele reci de porc
-Urechi afumate porc
-Rulada rece de porc cu ciuperci
-Mini-rulada kaiser cu branza si ardei
-Cotlet rece de porc cu sos lamaie
-Ceafa afumata
-Cabanos in foietaj
-Rulou sunca presata porc cu salata incaprese
-Rulou bacon cu salata a la russe
-Muschi tiganesc
-Salam de porc
-Bulete picante din porc
-Bulete carne porc cu susan

-Pastrama piept pui
-Pastrama pulpa pui
-Ficatei inveliti in bacon
-Crochete piept pui
-Bulete pui cu mac
-Piept pui in aspic
-Pulpa pui in aspic
-Salam de pui
-Carnati de pui
-Piftele de pui
-Rulada piept pui
-Mini-rulada de piept pui cu ciuperci
-Aripi reci de pui picante
-Ciocanele de pui afumate
-Pulpa pui in aspic
-Piept pui rece cu sos branza
-Ficat pui in aspic
-Piept rece pui cu sos portocale
-Pachetele picante din piept pui
-Pulpa pui rece cu gorgonzola
-Fasii pulpa rece pui cu kiwi


-Pastrama vita
-Carne vitel in aspic
-Carnati reci vitel
-Piftele vita
-Limba vita in aspic
-Rulada vitel rece cu cascaval
-Vrabioare reci de vita cu sos picant
-Antricot vitel cu sos lamaie
-Salam vita
-Friptura rece de vitel
-Feliute biftec vita cu sos andaluz
-Pulpa vitel afumata
-Inima vita cu sos alune
-Ficat rece vitel in aspic


-Toast anchois
-Toast pate peste
-Bulete peste cu lamaie
-Pastrama peste
-Toast icre albe
-Toast icre rosii
-Toast icre negre
-Lamaie umpluta icre
-Lamaie umpluta pasta peste
-Rulada peste afumat cu ciuperci
-Rulada peste afumat cu masline
-Somon fume
-Somon fume pe felie lamaie
-Somon afumat toast
-Frigarui reci de peste cu ardei si masline
-Scrumbie afumata
-Scrumbie sarata
-Salata peste afumat
-Rulou dovlecel cu afumatura peste
-Foietaj cu peste

-Cascaval afumat
-Branza topita
-Branza burduf
-Toast cascaval
-Toast cascaval cu ciuperci
-Tartina cascaval cu masline si ardei
-Rulada cascaval cu cabanos
-Rulada cascaval cu masline
-Branza feta
-Bulete branza cu susan
-Bulete branza mac
-Frigarui branza cu struguri
-Ardei rosii cu crema branza
-Rulada spanac cu branza
-Rulada foietaj cu branza
-Rosii umplute branza
-Dobos cascaval si unt
-Rosii si mozarella
-Tartine cu branza si masline
-Castraveti cu urda
-Toast branza topita
-Asorte de branza(cascaval,mozarella,brie,svaiter)
-Apple-gorgonzola(mar si gorgonzola)
-Crema branza pe pat morcov
-Toast branza si fructe padure
-Rulada branza cu ceapa
-Branza in coaja brad
-Burduf branza cu rosii si ardei

-Salata verde
-Ceapa rosie
-Fasole verde cu maioneza
-Ardei gras rosu
-Cartof rece gratinat cascaval
-Salata mazare cu masline
-Salata a la russe
-Salata rece de legume
-Sparangel rece
-Ciuperci reci umplute
-Frigarui ciuperci si masline
-Toast cu salata a la russe
-Tartina pasta dovlecei
-Tartina cu ciuperci si lamaie
-Ciuperci in foietaj
-Cartof rece cu sos usturoi
-Pepene galben cu prosciutto si crutoane

Salata bulgareasca reteta clasica

Salata bulgareasca reteta clasica (Shopska) cu branza telemea, castraveti, rosii, ceapa, ardei si dressing usor si acrisor. Cum se face salata bulgareasca? Simple! Se toaca toate legumele si se stropesc cu ulei si otet. Versiunea originala nu contine oua sau sunca.

Salata bulgareasca este cunoscuta si ca salata Shopska (Șopska), numele ei provenind de la regiunea Șopluk din Bulgaria. Nu, nu a fost creata acolo ci a fost „inventata” in socialism, anii 1960, de catre Balkanturist – echivalentul bulgaresc al ONT-ului nostru. A fost o directiva de partid care i-a indemnat pe bucatarii vremii sa creeze diverse salate cu nume sonore, in speranta ca acestea vor deveni celebre printre turistii straini (salata dobrogeana, macedoneana, traca etc) – vezi sursa. Dintre toate acestea doar „salata bulgareasca” a dainuit pana astazi, raspandindu-se in toata Peninsula Balcanica si devenind brand national al Bulgariei.

Asta e ca si povestea cu „bufetul suedez” care a fost numit asa de ai nostri in anii 󈨊, fiind destinat turistilor suedezi pe litoral.

Salata bulgareasca a intrat in anii 󈨔 si in restaurantele romanesti si a ramas in meniurile lor pana astazi. Partea neplacuta (in cazul oricarei salate) este prezentarea legumelor neasezonate, insotite de oliviera. Adica sa ti-o asezonezi tu! What? Un bucatar adevarat stie sa dea gust unei salate si nu-si pune clientii sa o faca in locul lui. Nu mai spun de faptul ca de multe ori salata iti este adusa in niste castroane minuscule, pline pana la refuz cu legumele taiate, in care nu ai cum sa amesteci si dressingul fara a pata masa. Ca la romani… Salatele se asezoneaza in castroane largi, incapatoare, folosind tacamuri speciale pentru salata.

Va tentez si cu reteta mea de Salata argentiniana – rosii, oua fierte, telemea si usturoi. Reteta a fost testata de sute de cititori si toti au fost incantati de ea.

Pentru cei care doresc o salata românească le ofer această rețetă.

Nu exista cantitati fixe ale ingredientelor din salata bulgareasca. Ele trebuie sa fie oarecum echilibrate in functie du gustul fiecaruia. Depinde si daca este servita ca fel de sine statator sau ca si garnitura pe langa gratare. As zice ca 1 rosie mare, 1/4 castravete lung (sau 1 castravete de gradina), 1/2 fir de ceapa verde si 1 ardei mic copt ar fi suficiente pentru o persoana. Noi suntem 4 si am facut un castron mai mare de salata deoarece am pus la rece ce a ramas in prima zi. Da, salata bulgareasca este delicioasa si a doua zi.

Observatie: in reteta originala se specifica ca ardeii poti fi cruzi sau copti. Eu i-am copt si bine am facut! Ei confera o savoare deosebita salatei.

Mâncare de alinare

Marțea avem ciolan, joia avem Speciala, credem că-i vremea să lipim câte ceva și de celelalte zile ale săptămânii de lucru la Camino. Până la noi ordine a venit rândul zilei de miercuri. Ne propunem ca-n fiecare zi de miercuri să facem mâncare de alinare, în stil „mâncare de mamă”. Mâncăruri pe care le mâncam în copilărie ori pe care le mai mâncăm acum, când ne vizităm mamele. O să facem supe de găină, ciorbe ca la mama acasă, tocănițe de pipote, ficăței friți, cartofi rântăliți, cârnați cu varză, chiftele marinate, salate boeuf (poate chiar cu pui, să fie treaba treabă până la capăt:) ) plăcinte și pancove, mămăligi și macaroane cu brânză și jumări, prăjituri de casă. Ce ziceți de asta? Începem mâine cu supă de găină cu tăieței, pui fript cu cartofi piure și sos de roșii dulce și cu un pic de usturoi. La desert, chec cu vișine. Aveți idei?

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hm…nu stiu de ce, de fapt, cred ca tot de cand eram acasa la mama, mai sunt niste mancaruri pe care le asociez in special cu iarna. Si ar fi cam asa: tocanita de cartofi cu carnati afumati si servita cu mamaliguta si varza acra, sau zeama de varza…buna rau :)) Din asta cred ca o sa fac in week-end :)
Si ce mi-a mai amintit mama zilele astea: cartofi copti la cuptor (intregi, in coaja)si cu slanina afumata, ceapa…si cu oua fierte sau…depinde pe unde ne mai duce imaginatia in camara :) Numai bunatati :))
Multumesc, Adi, pentru toate bunatatile pe care le gasesc la tine!

cartofii copți îmi plac și mie:)

As incepe cu desertul :) LAPTE DE PASARE. N-am mai mancat din copilarie cand mama nu era atat de comoda :(
Sa trecem la lucruri serioase: daca le place si ardelenilor: ciorba de perisoare cu BORS!! si LEUSTEAN!! (pentru munteni, o ciorba de perisoare bine facuta este cea mai „la mama acasa”, dupa parerea mea). Pe vremea asta ar merge mai intai o piftie (de pasare, de porc. )
Pentru felul doi sunt in dilema: as opta pentru ardei umpluti cu orez (fara carne) pentru ca sa fie mai usor si sanatos. Sigur ca poti sa umpli in aceeasi tava si zucchine (nu dovlecei pentru ca mi se par mai gretosi) si rosii, vinete …
Mama mai facea si ardei copti cu smantana (deliciosi) care merg in loc de piftie.

laptele de pasăre e pe listă:)

Ar mai fi (pentru mine) sarmale, snitele crocante, mancare de mazare cu pui, saramura de pui cu mamaliga. Si pentru desert: orez cu lapte, gris cu lapte, placinta cu branza sau dovleac. Sper sa fie utile ideile :) Si what about si o zi pentru peste? :)

Ciorbă de perisoare înăcrită cu zeamă de varză murată :)
Fasole bătută (frecată) cu carne sau cârnați de casă fripți în untură de porc plus murături
Plăcintă cu varză, cu ceapă sau cu brânză (din aia din aluat clasic de pâine, coaptă într-o tavă mai mare sau plăcintuțe mai mici coapte individual, bunica mea le zicea pupuri :)
Tocăniță de ciuperci (ciuperci din alea bune, aromate, de pădure)
Sweet bread
Ciorbă de ardei umpluți sau ardei umpluți în sos de rosii
Balmos, bulz de mămăligă cu brânză de burduf :)

Vai de capul meu ce de chestii pline de colesterol am enumerat aici, ce să-i faci, eu astea le asociez cu mersul acasă, la mama sau la bunica, se vede că suntem ardeleni. Oricum, având în vedere că e iarnă am enumerat mai mult mâncăruri de iarnă. Vara merg ciorba de salată verde, ciorba de fasole verde…

ai o rețetă bună de ciorbă de salată?:)

Eu fac în felul următor, pentru o oală de vreo patru litri de ciorbă: două căpățâni de salată dacă sunt mari căpățânile, dacă nu chiar trei – ideea e să fie multă salată verde, 4-5 căței de usturoi, 2-3 linguri de ulei, aprox. doi litri de apă, două ouă, vreo 4-500 ml lapte dulce, vreo 5-600 ml lapte bătut sau iaurt mai lichid, vreo 200 ml smântână grasă. Înăbus usturoiul în ulei cam un minut, adaug frunzele de salată si le înăbus si pe alea vreo 10 minute. Adaug apa, las să fiarbă încă cam 10 minute, adaug sare, sting focul si las să se răcească un pic. Între timp amestec laptele dulce, laptele bătut, ouăle si smântâna si dreg ciorba cu ele. Dacă e nevoie să fie mai acră pun câteva picături de lămâie sau oțet.
Se poate face cu zer în loc de apă, se poate căli si un pic de slănină afumată la început, cu usturoiul, deci după preferințe. Oricum, ce-i cu adevărat important e să fie salata bună, fragedă, tânără, si lactatele de calitate – adică lapte bătut si smântână adevărate. Noi o mâncăm cu diverse chestii lângă: brânză de oaie frământată, mămăligă sau pâine de casă, omletă

am eu reteta de ciorba de salata excelenta, cu morcovi si putina slaninuta afumata. Daca vrei vorbim intru dezvoltarea ei

Aoleau ce pofta imi e de mancare ca la mama acasa:)

Ciorba de legume acrita cu bors si dreasa cu smantana,varza calita cu afumatura(ciolan,scarita,coaste afumate) si la desert cornulete delicioase cu umplutura de nuca si gem/dulceata sau placinta cu branza dulce

Nu mai e mult si incepe postul, variante de dulce si de post:

1. fasole frecata cu varza murata calita sau varza murata doar cu ulei, + carnat prajit
2. fasole scazuta
3. ciorba de fasole cu rantas, cu ceapa rosie cu ulei si otet
4. tocana de cartofi
5. ciorba de cartofi
6. ghiveci
7. salata orientala
8. papricas cu galuste de faina
9. pui cu sos de smantana si marar
10. placinte la cuptor cu varza murata calita, sau cu prune, sau cu branza, sau sucituri cu branza sau mere
11. Prajitura cu foi cu miere de albina

Se vede ca mi-e dor de Romania:)

Insa acum prefer…carnea fiarta cu legume si lamaie stoarsa :D

e de grași dacă o mănânci singură pe toată:)

Cand eu eram mica,cat era iarna de lunga,in fiecare zi de marti, mami facea un fel de mancare tipic zonei de granita Romania-Ungaria: paradaica cu stajele, adica o supa de rosii mai groasa in care arunca niste bucati de carnat de casa afumat si niste oua. Se manca cu bucati de paine (crutoane) rumenite in cuptor. Super gustoasa.

1. Supa/ciorba de fasole cu salata de ceapa
2. Pomana porcului cu mamaliga si salata de varza murata
3. Budinca de gris (eventual cu branza de vaci) cu dulceata de visine

papricasul de pui cu galuste il asociez mereu cu mama sau bunica. supa (sau ciorba. )de fasole verde facuta cu putin zahar, asa o gatea bunica mea unguroaica-de cand s-a dus nu am mai reusit sa reconstitui acel gust unic!
taitei cu nuca sau cu mac, sau chiar cu mere rase, calite, mancarea de post preferata de noi, copiii.
mamaliga fierbinte acoperita cu lapte rece de la frigider-cina serilor in care mama sau bunica nu aveau timp.
placinta cu varza, branza de burduf sau ceapa calita…coapta in vatra.
friganele….sau paine in ou. cu sote dulce de mazare sau morcovi. o minunte!
ar mai fi, dar mi s-a facut un dor si o pofta!

mămăliga fierbinte cu lapte rece – ori invers, de vis!

1.Supă de roşii(bulion de casă) cu găluşte de gris.
2. Fasole „frecată”cu cârnaţi afumaţi şi ceapă prăjită cu boiacartofi la cuptor cu muşchi de porc afumat din garniţa cu unsoare.
3. Orez cu lapte şi scorţişoară:gogoşi cu dulceaţă.

o da, gomboti cu prune. si pireude cartofi, sos de rosii si chiftele.
ps: pui si tu un link la poza cu placintele? arata grozav. mie nu-mi ies rotunde niciodata. adica… una din 10, 20! adica niciodata :)

foarte fain. v-am notat pe toți:).

Ciorba de cartofi cu carne de la borcan (sau garnita), alba, fara sos de rosii si neacrita, iese asa, dulceaga si cu gust de afumatura….
Varza calita cu jumari, iar la desert clar cornulete cu gem si nuca (cu aluat fragezit cu bors si untura).

ciorba de cartofi cu tarhon, gogosi super pufoase cu peltea de strugurei rosii, gomboturi cu prune, papricas de pui, ciorba de salata, supa de gaina cu taietei facuti de bunica, taiati cu mana(nu inteleg daca ma gandesc, cum reusea sa ii faca asa subtiri), taietei in lapte sunca afumata, fiarta de Pasti (de cand au murit bunicii mei nu am mai mancat asa o sunca buna), carnati afumati si uscati in camara (eram copii si rupeam din ei, mancandu-i goi), lapte de pasare- si acum mai simt mirosul de vanilie din baticul bunicii, cand ne imbratisa omleta cu ceapa verde ciorba de fasole verde-aceeasi cu cea pe care o descrie Andrea, bunica mea fiind si ea unguroaica cartofi copti in cuptor, cu unt sau cu iaurt lapte cu caramel-in loc de cacao cu lapte, cozonacul simplu, fara nimic in el-foszlos kalacs ii spunea bunica, cozonaci cum nu am mai mancat de cand bunica a murit, facuti din faina alba ca neaua, adusa de bunicul de la moara. Jur ca le simt gustul la toate astea, desi multe nu le-am mai mancat de multi ani, aud vocea bunicii, il vad pe bunicul, mare, „condus” de micuta si fragila mea bunica, o aud pe mama razand…

Ciorba de urechiuse, facute dintr-o patura de aluat si invartite pe degete in forme de urechiuse. Acrita cu zer.
Iesnita pe smantana – oua batute, cu smantana si apa cu faina care se scurge de pe mamaliga.
Eggplant salad
Spanac cu smantana, urzici cu mujdei
Pui cu smantana, mamaliguta si mujdei

m ai omorat cu poza care este cu felia de paine si maduva ..offf bunicul meu punea o oala mare la fiert cu oase de vita lasand si ceva carne pe ele ,si le fierbea multtttt ,apoi punea cartofi pasranac telina si albitura si mirodenii apoi scotea totul pe o tava mare si mancam care mai decare cu hrean ,maioneza si un sos cu maioneza si mustar ,iar la cei mai mici bunicul intindea asa pe paine si punea si usturoi cu ceapa era o varianta mai bogata a rasolului

cat despre mancare ,mie dor de mancare de gutui cu sos de zahar ars, de urzici cu usturoi de carne la borcan ,de toba si carnati ,de jumari de ardei umpluti cu orez dar fierti in sos de rosii ,aici se fac dar ardeii sunt mici si amarui si se fac in supa de la fiertul carnii ,ca si dovleceii si un fel de sarmalute in foi de varza toate cu orez ,as manca placintele bunicii si ale mamei, as mai manca niste turte facute cu terci de malai si aluat de gogosi,ghiveciul care mama il facea intr o cratita mare la cuptor dupa ce aduna in ea toate legumele prajite nitel dar si carne de vita ca doar nu era sal lase vaduv,galusti cu prune si ciorba de burta in care mama arunca si o mana de orez si in farfurie arunca si nitel leustean verde si untura pe paine cu usturoi pe care trebuia sa o mananc pe furis ca nu ma lasau multe si marunte ce sa mai zic mie dor si de rosii si de tarhon si de gustul dulce al laptelui si al untului care aici e super gras si fara gust si ce sa mai ,mie dor de tot si de toate mie dor de tara noastra verde si racoroasa cu apa buna dar…in orice caz iti multumesc ca ne rascolesti amintirii celor care suntem plecati ,ne mai dai idei si sfaturi cae sunt bine venite

Cred ca au trecut ani de cand nu am mancat turta cu julfa, facuta cu seminte de canepa! Daca faci asa ceva traversez continentul si vin la Cluj, miercuri seara!Desi m-as multumi si cu niste coltunasi fierti cu branza de vaci!

Mai ce de mancaruri, care mai de care, as avea si eu cateva:
– ciorba de oua, vartoasa dreasa cu smantana, ciorba de fasole boabe cu ciolan afumat, ciorba de cartofi(papricas) cum ii zicea mama tot cu afumatura, ciorba de legume cu carnati afumati
– varza calita cu carne, varza a la Cluj, fasole scazuta cu carnati sau ciolan afumat, sarmale in care tatei ii placea sa gaseasca bucati de carne grasa din capatana lu porcu, pilaf cu carne de pasare(ca sa mai schimbam porcu)si carne din postava, in special coasta prajita pur si sim,plu intigaie si carnati
-caltite, placinte , taietei cu mac sau cu nuca

Neaparat supa de gaina de casa cu taitei tot de casa. Zama de visine. Zama de paradaica cu carnati. Macaroane cu griz. Cremes facut in casa (inclusiv foile). Carnati afumati si uscati. Colac coarda cu nuca, mac sau branza dulce.
Peste proaspat pescuit din Cris (mreana, clean, bibani, poate chiar stiuca, odata chiar o anghila:), dat prin faina, putin sarat si fript chiar in aceeasi zi – din astia nu am mai mancat demult si cred ca sunt printre cei mai buni pesti pe care i-am mancat vreodata. Fara cartofi, fara mamaliga, fara mujdei, doar peste cu paine sau, in cazul meu, fara, ca nu imi placea painea, pana la patru ani nu am mancat paine deloc.

Hmmmmm! yummmmmy
Eu gatesc numai mancare de alinare.
Spre exemplu duminica am facut o supa de salata, o tocana de pui cu usturoi (ostropel) cu mamaliga (malai de la moara), pe care am taiat-o cu ata. Am facut niste placinte(cum s-ar zice pe lespede-ca la noi in ardeal) cu dulceata de prune. Si am gatit pe soba cu lemne ca imi este foarte draga. Binenteles, mama gatea pe aragaz dar mancarea e mult mai gustoasa pe soba.
Supa de gaina fac o data la vreo 2 saptamani (si numai cu gaina crescuta in curte). Tocana de ciuperci fac cam o data pe luna (ciuperci din padure culese cu manuta mea). Ciorba de legume inacrita cu zeama de varza am facut saptamana trecuta. Si multe retete din cele de sus le fac.
Nu imi place sa experimentez tot felul de mancaruri de care sunt sigura ca nu ma voi atinge.
De ce imi este mie dor: lapte de pasare si chec cu cacao.

Dupa toate cele enumerate mai sus, mai vin cu completarea ca, la bunica, supa cu taieti de casa se asocia la felul doi cu sarmale….iar desertul favorit era fie placinte coapte in tigaie (de diametru mare, iesea o placinta cat tigaia) cu brnaza, fie placinta in tava , cu mere si respectiv cu branza, coapte in cuptorul din curte, paine de casa, coltunasi de casa cu branza dulce, gomboti cu prune…chiftele cu pireu de cartofi si sos de rosii…

Cred ca acestea sunt mancarurile pe care o sa le pregatesc cat de repede se poate:
– supa de visine (cu sau fara carne)
– carne de vita fiarta cu sos de fructe si cartofi piure
– coltunasi cu gem de prune de casa
– supa de ardei umpluti
– ciorba de fasole boabe cu afumaturi
Toate sastea, pe langa multe enumerate si de ceilalti ma duc „acasa la mama”

Adi am si eu niste idei
– mamaliga cu branza fierbinte asociata cu o ciorba de salata rece…
-detalii luni dimineata de la tanti Mera la camino.
What do you say?

Ce-mi vine acum in minte sunt:
– cirighelele (minciunele)
– varzar (umplut cu branza de vaca, spanac, marar si cozi de ceapa verde)…..cum il face mama (buni) nimeni nu-l face…e DELICIU
– colac cu nuca sau mac puse intr-un strat gross
– pui rantalit (nu-s sigura de numele asta)- e tocanita de pui facuta din ceapa, ardei (daca avem) calite si apoi pus puiul si boia dulce si apa, sare piper si la sfarsit patrunjel servit cu piure sau galuste de ou rupte…
– paine cu untura si rosii sau ceapa si putina sare
– cloampe faine (cartofi taranesti insa zdrobiti ca la piure) cu sunca afumata si ceapa rosie ori ceapa verde ori ridichi
– salata de ceapa lovita, frecata…n-am reusit sa o fac pana acum asa ca mami
– supa de oua (adica de chimen in care se arunca ouale si apoi o dregi cu smantana)
– taitei cu lapte
– paine prajita frecata cu usturoi si stropita cu ulei (proaspat facut)
– pancove (gogosi) cu multaaaaa nuca
– galuste de ou rupte cu tocanita de pui de mai sus=DELICIU
– supa de mazare cu pui, radacinoase si galuste de ou rupte
– ciorba de conopida cu galuste de ou rupte
– Pui si cartofi copti in cuptor in untura
– prajitura cu visine si nuca
– prajitura cu mere – foi facute cu untura (ffffoarte fragede) intre care se pun mere stoarse amestecate cu scortisoara, zahar
– cremes
– slanina cu paine copata pe vatra si cu ceapa putin prinsa de ger
– mosocoarne (un fel de branzoici) umplute cu mere razuite
– paste cu varza dulce calita
– placinte cu cartofi, varza dulce calita, branza de vaci amestecata cu marar
– pui pe sticla

Cremă de zahăr ars , chec cu rahat şi stafide, prăjitură cu miere de albine, prăjitură cu mere, ostropel de pui, zucchini umpluți

frateeeeeeeee…..imi facea bunica mea friganele din felii de paine inmuiate in lapte date prin ou si prajite iar dupa aia punea zahar pe ele si le mancam calde……….ziceti daca ati mancat si voi

Ioi, ce bine arata toate! In special placintele par a fi tipic codrenesti cum sunt cele din Baia Mare, sunt cumva cu leurda sau ma insel? Si painea praita arata imbietor (paine picurata se zice in zona mea).
Mancarea mea de alinare este omleta cu slaninuta afumata, cu ceapa verde, hribi sau bureti culesi din ograda bunicii in sezon, toate cu un bulz de mamaliga aburinda. Sau tocanita de ciuperci cu mamaliga… Adevarata alinare, intradevar!

150 g slanina afumata
8 rosii
4 felii paine
1 lingurita oregano kotanyi
100 g butter
1 lingura de MAGGI Secretul Gustului Intensavor Legume
1 onion
salata verde ptr.ornament
piper macinat kotanyi

Prima data taiem capacere rosiilor si le lasam intr un castron la rece, cu ajutorul unei lingurite, se scoate miezul rosiilor si se pune langa capace.
Luam un vas de yena si il ungem cu unt.
Slanina se taie cubulete si se pune la prajit, adaugam ceapa taiata cubulete, paine la fel taiata cubulete si se lasa la rumenit. Cand incepe sa si schimbe culoare sa fie rumenite se adauga jumatate din miezul de rosii, la final se asezoneaza cu MAGGI Secretul Gustului Intensavor Legume, oregano si piper, dupa gust.
Din compozitia obtinuta, se umple rosiile, se presara cascavalul ras si se pun capacele.
Miezul rosiilor se asezoneza cu oregano, si se pun in vasul de yena, apoi se asaza rosiile umplute si se dau la cuptorul bine incins, se lasa cca 20 minute, pana incep sa se rumeneasca.
Cand sunt gata se scot din cuptor si se asaza pe farfurie, ornam cu salata si putem servi!

La 1 decembrie 2018 sarbatorim 100 de ani de la Marea Unire. M-am gandit sa va propun si eu o colectie cu 100 de retete romanesti.

Gastronomia romaneasca este renumita pentru preparatele sale. Unii spun ca nu avem traditie, caci poparele care au intrat in contact cu noi si-au pus amprenta asupra bucatelor sau a modului de prepaparare. Chiar daca ar fi asa, noi ne mandrim cu tot ceea ce ne reprezinta, cu istoria si cultura noastra.

Desi ar fi mult mai multe decat cele 100 scrise de mine, sper ca am reusit in final sa acopar o plaja cat mai mare. La sfasitul postarii voi lasa link-uri si catre alte retete traditionale.

Colectia de retete romanesti cuprinde aperitive tradionale, supe /ciorbe, retete cu carne si deserturi. Mi-a fost foarte greu sa aleg, tinand cont de faptul ca in acesti 8 ani am publicat peste 2500 retete, dar sunt sigura ca ceea ce am selectat va fi pe placul majoritatii cititorilor mei.

Ideea acestei colectii mi-a venit cand Tony, cea care se ocupa pana de curand de gasca de bloggeri din proiectul pentru Selgros Romania, mi-a spus ca ar fi frumos sa facem anul acesta retete romanesti in varianta reinterpretata sau sa le scoatem macar la suprafata pe cele traditionale. Proiectul este foarte frumos si, daca nu era ea, cred ca anul acesta m-as fi pierdut in alte proiecte fara valoare sentimentala.

Am sa va las mai jos cate 25 de retete pentru fiecare din categorii, asa cum isi iau romanii masa, astfel incat colectia sa inglobeze 100 de retete iubite de romani. Poate cele mai iubite.


Inca din vremuri vechi aperitivele au ocupat un loc important pe mesele romanilor. Pe langa salata de icre, carnaciori, caltabosi, peste afumat, branzeturi, sunculite au aparut salatele, buseurile, vol au vent, crochete sau bulete ce au umplut platourile pe mesele festive.

Fie ca era o aniversare, nunta, botez sau parastas, fie ca masa in familie era unul din momentele importante, aperitivele si-au facut loc pentru a da startul meselor.

In functie de perioada din an, de sarbatori, acestea au fost bogate, iar obiceiurile diferite de la o zona la alta a tarii s-au vazut de-a lungul timpului, caci unele au fost scrise in cartile de bucate, altele abia sunt descoperite in sate in care civilizatia moderna a intrat mai greu.

Avand in vedere ca sarbatorile de iarna bat la usa, voi incepe cu cele speciale pentru aceasta perioada, dar aici voi lasa si aperitive pentru cei care tin post, pentru Sarbatorile Pascale, si altele. Lista completa de aperitive pentru sarbatori o gasiti aici.


Reteta mea preferata de salata de vinete
Am cautat o modalitate de a obtine o salata mai alba, care sa nu fie iute. Pentru aceasta, am amestecat vinetele coapte cu miez de paine inmuiat in lapte.

Se coc doua vinete mai marisoare pe flacara de la aragaz sau in cuptor, cum prefera fiecare. Se curata de coaja, apoi se aseaza apoi vinetele pe un fund de lemn, se despica, se pune deasupra alt fund , cu o greutate pe el, pentru a se scurge sucul. Dupa vreo 30 de minute le scoatem, le curatam de urmele de arsura si de seminte, apoi le punem intr-un castron si le lasam sa stea in lapte. Separat, punem tot in lapte o jumatate de franzela alba .

Strecuram vinetele, le tocam, le amestecam cu miez de paine bine stors. Omogenizam, punem sare si un galbenus crud si turnam ulei, cam 200 ml, cate putin, ca la maioneza. 

Inainte de a o servi, punem in salata ceapa tocata fin si tinuta un pic in apa, ca sa iasa sucul iute. Ornam dupa plac. I used masline, gogosari, rosii cireasa.

Ciorba de salata verde cu omleta

Pentru astazi am revenit cu o delicioasa ciorba de salata verde cu omleta. Este o bunatate de ciorba rapida ai ieftina. Desi nu se prepara greu, gustul este absolut senzational.

Ingrediente pentru reteta de ciorba de salata verde

  • O salata
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Oil
  • 150 Afumatura
  • 200 ml liquid cream
  • 1 or
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Vinegar

Meniu Aniversari

GUSTARE : Salam Sibiu, File afumat, Rulou sunca cu salata cruditati, Chiftelute, Cascaval, Masline, Rosie umpluta cu salata vinete, Ardei cu pasta branza, Castravete
FEL DE BAZA: Mix grill (porc, pui, mic, carnati picanti) sau Ceafa porc si pulpa pui dezosata la gratar
GARNITURA: Cartofi taranesti sau Cartofi cu rozmarin
SALATA: Varza alba sau muraturi asortate
Pret : 119.80 lei/pers.

GUSTARE : Salam Napoli, Muschi tiganesc, Pastrama porc, Ou umplut, Telemea de vaca, Masline asortate, Aspic de curcan, Frigarui de mozzarela cu rosii cherry, Pate de casa, Castravete
FEL DE BAZA: Friptura de porc si pui la cuptor
GARNITURA: Orez basmati cu legume sau Cartofi Boulanger
SALATA: Varza alba sau asortata de vara
Pret : 129.50 lei/pers.

GUSTARE : Rulada pui cu cascaval si spanac, Crema de sunca de Praga cu ardei gras, Icre de crap cu lamaie, Crema de masline negre, Crema de branza ricotta cu strugure, Rulada de somon fume, Mousse de ton cu inele de ceapa, Chiftelute porc, Rosii cherry, Castravete
FEL DE BAZA: Muschi file de porc impanat, piept de pui umplut, carnati picanti
GARNITURA: Risotto cu ciuperci sau Buchet de legume
SALATA: Varza alba sau salata verde
Pret : 149.90 lei /pers.

Optional, se poate adauga:
SARMALE in foi de varza, Mamaliguta, Ardei iute - 34.90
SARMALUTE in foi de vita, smantana, ardei iute - 37.50
PASTRAV cu legume la gratar si lamaie - 39.90
SOMON la gratar cu cartofi si baby morcov - 39.90
FILE SALAU gratinat cu cartofi Boulanger - 39.90

MIX APERITIV: Alune, Covrigei, Grisine
GUSTARE RECE: Pastrama de porc, Salami, Sunculita afumata, Cascaval, Masline asortate, Telemea de oaie, Pastrama de curcan, Sunca de Praga, Branza de burduf, Rosii cherry, Castravete, Ardei gras, Ceapa rosie
GUSTARE CALDA: Ficatei in bacon, carnaciori picanti, chiftelute, Ciuperci umplute, Crochete de pui, Ciocanele pane, Mici, Cartofi cu rozmarin, Muraturi
Pret: 129.90 lei/pers

MIX APERITIV: Alune, Covrigei, Grisine
GUSTARE RECE: Chiftelute cu castraveti proaspeti, Somon fume cu portocala, Crema de ricotta cu strugure, Bruschete cu rosii si busuioc, Bruschete cu ansoa, Crema de sunca, Frigarui de mozzarella cu rosii cherry, Pate de casa cu biscuiti si dulceata, Rulada de cascaval si kaizer, Mousse de peste afumat in foietaj, Masline asortate, Frigarui de salam cu dovlecei marinati
GUSTARE CALDA: Gujon de salau, Aripioare picante, Carnati afumati, Ceafa julienne la gratar, Crochete mozzarella, Crispy strips, Bulete picante de branza, Piept pui julienne la gratar, Ficatei in bacon, Cartofi taranesti, Muraturi
Pret: 149.80 lei/pers
Variantele de bufet suedez pot fi servite doar la chafing dish sau platouri.
Thank you for understanding!


GUSTARE : Fasole batuta, Salata de vinete, Zacusca de legume, Salata de paste, Dovlecei cu usturoi, Masline, Rosie
FEL DE BAZA: Tocanita de ciuperci cu chiftelute de legume
CAFEA 1 ceasca
Pret : 64.80 lei/pers.

CIORBA: Ciorba de legume
GUSTARE : Salata orientala de sezon
FEL DE BAZA: Sarmale de post cu mamaliguta si ardei iute
CAFEA 1 ceasca
Pret : 79.90 lei/pers.

GUSTARE : Ciuperci umplute, Cartof copt cu iahnie de fasole, Salata de paste, Conopida pane de post, Bruschete cu rosii, Masline asortate, Tofu cu rosii cherry
FEL DE BAZA: Snitel de post cu legume la gratar
CAFEA 1 ceasca
Pret : 79.90 lei/pers.

GUSTARE : Bruschete cu crema de masline, frigarui cu tofu si rosii cherry, Chiftelute de orez, Ciuperci umplute, Castraveti cu urechi de lemn, Salata a la Russe de post, Crochete de cartofi si ghimbir
FEL DE BAZA: Lasagna de post sau Musaca de legume
CAFEA 1 ceasca
Pret : 119.90 lei/pers.

Optional, se poate adauga:
DOVLECEI pane de post 150g - 15.00
CREMA de legume 300g - 18.00
ARDEI UMPLUTI de post 3 buc - 28.50
PIZZA vegetariana - 30
VINETE in sos chinezesc 100/100g - 26.90

Conducerea unitatii impreuna cu seful bucatar va stau la dispozitie pentru orice sugestie privind meniul dorit de dumneavoastra!

Baloane heliu – 50 buc. – 360
- 100 buc. – 700
- 150 buc. – 900

Fantana ciocolata cu fructe asortate – 15 lei/pers.
D.J. (jocuri lumini, sunet profesional, fum) – negociabil in functie de eveniment

GRATUIT! Aranjament floral, fructiere si sfesnice argintate, la meniu cu bauturi.
Acces bauturi alcoolice client, permis contra taxei de 10 lei/pers. pentru un sortiment.

Video: Ντομάτες με αβγά (January 2022).