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Desert crooked half a hundred (recipe 1200)

Desert crooked half a hundred (recipe 1200)

I prepared the countertops the day before, it is better to cut the next day.

Wheat 28 cm. I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then I added the sugar and I continued to mix until I got a strong meringue. We incorporated the yolks, one by one, mixing lightly, then we incorporated the flour and nutmeg, taking care to mix from the bottom up with slow movements. I lined a cake tin with baking paper and poured the top into the mold. I shaped the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, it is ready when it passes the toothpick test.

Wheat 18 cm. We proceed in the same way as for the large countertop.

Syrup. Bring the sugar water to a boil, bring to a boil, then remove from the heat and add the vanilla essence. Let cool.

Butter cream with strawberry jam: We rub the butter at room temperature very well, to make it frothy. Separately put the water with the sugar to boil (120 degrees C) or until it makes a lot of bubbles on top, as seen in the photo. Put the yolks in the robot bowl and then pour the hot syrup and mix until the syrup cools, then add the strawberry jam. Over the frothy butter, put little by little the mixture of yolks with sugar syrup, mix lightly so as not to cut the cream.

Chocolate cream: Chocolate together with liquid cream on a steam bath until the chocolate melts, the liquid cream should not reach the boiling point. Leave to cool for a few hours or until the second day, when we mix well until, then add the remaining 250 ml of liquid cream and continue to mix until we get a frothy cream.

Assembly: Cut the countertops into 4 parts. First place the first part of the large worktop and syrup it, then spread the butter cream, the second part of the worktop, syrup, spread the cream, the third part of the worktop, syrup and spread the cream, the fourth part of the worktop syrup and spread the butter cream. Place the first part of the small worktop in the center, syrup and spread the cream, do the same until we finish the four parts of the worktop. Dress the cake with chocolate cream and garnish with chocolate cream, decorate with cherries and cappuccino sticks and grate truffles.

alt = "Vanilla cream" /> Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup cashew soaked and drained honey water / agave syrup to taste a pinch of salt 1/2 vanilla stick 1-2 lg melted cocoa butter 1 turmeric powder / turmeric Preparation: Put in the blender glass cashews, honey to taste, salt, vanilla bean cut into pieces, & # 8230
Read more & # 187 /> Ingredients: 4 oranges 4 lemons 2 glasses of water 300 g sugar 2 egg whites 1 cup rum 1 glass of champagne (sparkling wine or white wine) Preparation: Cut the oranges and lemons into pieces, peeled, all . We squeeze them and knead them in a bowl with a glass of water. Then strain the juice. & # 8230
Read more & # 187

Eugenie, the niece of Queen Elizabeth II, got engaged to her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, earlier this year in Nicaragua. The Princess' parents, the Duke of York and his ex-wife, Sarah Duchess of York, were delighted with the news, and in February the Duke of York announced that the two would be married on Friday, October 12, at St. Mary's Chapel. George of Windsor Castle. On May 19 this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex united their destinies in the same place.

Official photos appeared shortly after the announcement. The engagement ring contains a sapphire of pink-orange hue, called padparadscha, surrounded by diamonds, which is quite similar to the one worn by Princess Diana. Padparadscha is considered to be one of the rarest and most valuable of all types of sapphires. Experts say the ring is worth nearly 100,000 pounds.

All the while, Buckingham Palace shared some details about the royal event, and we couldn't help but notice some striking resemblances between Princess Eugenie's wedding and Prince Harry's with Meghan Markle.

As I mentioned earlier, like Harry, Eugenie preferred a smaller and more intimate setting, choosing to unite her destiny with Brooksbank at St. Mary's Chapel. George of Windsor.

The princess also made sure that the public would have access to her big day. "1,200 members of the public will have the chance to attend the congregation and members of the royal family, listen to a live broadcast of the wedding and watch the procession begin as the couple leaves the Chapel at the end of the ceremony," Buckingham Palace said in a statement. -an official statement.

After the ceremony is over, Princess Eugenie and her husband will take the carriage through the streets of Windsor, a procession that melted everyone's hearts exactly two months ago. However, the walk will be shorter for Princess Eugenie than it was for her cousin, Prince Harry.

Anyone who has watched Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle or Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton knows that if royalty is really good at something, then it certainly involves formal ceremonies and events.

Looks like the guest list is very long - The Mail on Sunday reported that Jack and Eugenie expect 850 guests, 250 more than at Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle.

The list does not lack important names, such as George and Amal Clooney, Robbie and Ayda Williams and of course, the Beckham couple.

While they have countless famous friends and relatives on the guest list, an important royal figure may be missing from the big event.

According to the publication Express, Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, is expected to give birth at any time in mid-October, so around the date Princess Eugenie's wedding was set. Normally, Kate will want to be with her sister in those moments, but we hope she will be able to attend both events.

In violation of royal protocol, the couple announced that they would host the ceremony in the backyard of their home. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank will be married in the same chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle united their destinies, after which they will invite their guests to a party in the garden of their own house, where according to a source, they plan to dance late into the night. .

What Sofia eats at two and a half years old

I didn't write yesterday, I know. But I liked receiving so many quasi-worried messages from you: P. We are all fine, only it came to life in the last few days and I didn't even have those 4 minutes a day to write on the blog. And I have a lot to say about baptism, which went well but left us with a huge taste of boiling holy water, about games and toys, about why it is dangerous to watch TV for young and very young children, about us and about us a little more, about how fast Ivan grows up and how incredibly incredible Sofia is and so on, the usual stuff.

Today we are talking about food, judging by the number of messages I receive on this subject, there are a lot of mothers who feel uninspired when it comes to the contents of plates placed under the noses of children.

For those who don't know us very well yet, I say out of the blue that we are all eaters. We like food, especially cooked food. We don't have sugar in the house, we never fry anything, we rarely eat bread (the child almost never), we only put our mouth on fast food or commercial semi-finished products on rare occasions (the child never). We are not organic maniacs, we buy food from the supermarket and the market, we do not have a network of eco tomatoes and we do not expect to get rabbit meat fed only mulberry leaves. We buy what we find easily and quickly, I try to cook smart, without destroying the best in ingredients, we all eat sitting at the table, we don't nibble on things between meals. No juices, no sweets from the trade, no fluff (which Sofia, at 2 and a half years old, thinks is food for pigeons: D). I put salt in my food, but very little. Instead, we put a lot of greenery, we have basil on the balcony, parsley, dill, rosemary, thyme. Sofia really likes everything.

What is Sofia eating now? About what he ate at 1 and a half years old, that is, what we eat too. I don't know how many kg she has, I think she jumped 13, she is 95 cm tall, she is very muscular and strong, she has tons of energy, the appetite as well. I haven't had tests since she was 10 months old, I didn't feel the need, the pediatrician said the same. I give him a teaspoon of honey in the morning and a teaspoon of cod liver oil for lunch. Otherwise, do not take and have not taken supplements so far, except for vitamin D in winter. She drinks a lot of water, she asks herself, when she starts playing we remember her. The program is this (I repeat, the same as 1 year ago):

On waking, 8 am: milk (formula, 250 ml, drunk with straw)
Breakfast, 10-11 am:
& # 8211 Buckwheat and oat flakes, hydrated and scalded, with ripe fruit (apple, pear, peach) or
& # 8211 vegetable and cheese omelette with tomato salad or
& # 8211 hard boiled egg, homemade pate on a little bread, salted olives

Snack (only if it's time for her, ie if 2 hours have passed since breakfast and she has one more hour until noon):
& # 8211 a fruit if not received fruit in the morning
& # 8211 a bowl of macadamia nuts and hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, all unsalted

Lunch, 1-2 pm (first the main course, then soup, if you want and if I have fresh, in principle, we have two days with the same food with meat, 2 days without meat, but with many dairy products, then 2 days with another type of meat, then 2 days without meat, then 2 days with fish):
& # 8211 spaghetti with ragu sauce (beef)
& # 8211 pots of seasonal vegetables without meat
& # 8211 green peas or beans with turkey
& # 8211 Chicken or beef lasagna (without flour sauce)
& # 8211 tagliatelle with salmon and tomato and vegetable sauce
& # 8211 peppers stuffed with beef and poultry mixture
& # 8211 pilaf with vegetables and chicken
& # 8211 Chicken soup with vegetables
& # 8211 beef bone borscht
& # 8211 meatball soup
& # 8211 werewolf soup

Snack, 5 pm (depending on what he had for lunch)
& # 8211 soup
& # 8211 polenta with cheese and cream
& # 8211 mushroom stew
& # 8211 yogurt
& # 8211 banana yogurt
& # 8211 guacamole (avocado)
& # 8211 homemade pate
& # 8211 Homemade hummus
& # 8211 zucchini muffins
& # 8211 mushroom cake
& # 8211 pancakes with spinach and telemea
& # 8211 homemade zacusca
& # 8211 Homemade pizza

On the way to the park, he nibbles on hazelnuts or a whole crumb.

In the evening at 8 pm before bedtime, another large cup of milk (formula).

Occasionally, but not more than once a week, I make popcorn in a cauldron (without salt), together we make banana muffins, plum crumble or candied cereal and fruit biscuits, which we then eat.

That's how we are now. I'll have to introduce dinner soon, but for now I see he's fine with that. And soon, in 2-3 months, I'll start over with Ivan. And steamed carrots, and baked pumpkin, and avocado with banana, and purees on the walls. Diversification went very well in Sofia (although I started with her very early due to reflux), I hope to have the same luck with the boy (he seems even more food-loving than Sofia, he is round like a watermelon, he sits on his nipple non stop and has at 3 months the weight that Sofia had at 6).

I have to read the posts about diversification two years ago, do what I did then, because I see that I did well. In case you have younger children or are just curious as we did, you have the links below:

And if you have ideas for goodies for children, you have discovered a wonderful recipe or you simply want to talk about diversification, here's what you have to say. But know that I don't respond to comments with the fluff and the bread and sugar that we grew up with and look how well we got there, they look ridiculous and ready!

Analyze. Why the Swedish model INFOGRAPHY broke down

After Sunday's election, in which neither the left nor the right won a majority, and under pressure from nationalists, Sweden is looking for a form of government.

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The Swedish model works only with highly educated people with moral compass, like the swedes, not with uneducated and unethical eastern Europeans or Muslims. The honesty of those Nordic people is ridiculously unusual it borders naivety and it makes them extremely vulnerable.

I think Sweden has coped with the reaction, a situation in which the idyllic model no longer works. I imagine a reporter at Lindisfarne 1200 years ago asking the Scandinavians on what occasion he would have broken his head here. I'm not saying this is a solution - remembering the past - but it can be a perspective to look at things: the former colonies do that all the time.

But wasn't it broken? The most miserable ideology.

Bla-bla-bla! Multiculturalism, neo-Marxism and other politically correct imbeciles. The truth, which comes out in the end & quotca the oil in front of the water & quot is that only whoever I want to enter enters the house, and not every Venetian gathered by who knows from where enters, as he wants & quotX & quot or & quotY & quot maaare socialist leader. The Swedish experiment, and not only, will end soon and ugly. The amalgamation of ethnicities, races and cultures, a Masonic thought mix, costs a lot and nothing.

Until they were among them, the Swedes were able to create the richest country in Europe. Ever since immigrants, especially Muslims, the Swedes have been waking up to a different reality. Maybe others wake up and take the Muslims to where they belong, that is, to their home. They do, in their own countries, what they like in Europe.


A Transylvanian goes to the field with his mother-in-law. A big storm is coming with lightning and lightning. As they were walking like this through the storm, the lightning strikes them in a tree, to which the Transylvanian says:
& # 8211 No niiii!
After about five minutes, the lightning strikes once more but closer to them in a bush, to which the Transylvanian again:
& # 8211 No niiii!
Going like this, he goes crazy again, but this time he hits his mother-in-law hard, to which the Transylvanian says:
& # 8211 No asee ma!

How to lose 20 kg in half a year (without sports)

TLDR: I ate less. That's the whole secret. Everyone knows him, I'm convinced.

I don't feel like this article, so it's not very finished. But I put it on because tomorrow is Monday, and it's the beginning of the year. What are you doing this year, what & # 8220resolutions & # 8221 do you have?

Thunderf00t (links at the end) at one point he put 5 liters of oil on the table saying that he had lost that volume in a few months, explaining thermodynamically how he did it. He was the only man who convinced me to "lose weight." Nutritionists failed, a physicist was needed. The man explained logically: where's the fat, if you don't put it in you? You can't, you're not perpetuum mobile. The only reason you are fat is because you eat more than you eat. It's no secret, and it's easy to verify.
I started with Thunderf00t's videos, installed a kilocalorie counting application (mine is called FatSecret *), bought a kitchen scale, and on January 2nd I started counting kilocalories. The remaining Christmas candies from Christmas and New Year & # 8230 remained on the table. & # 8220This with the slimming & # 8221 being one of the & # 8220resolutions of the year 2020 & # 8221.
I wanted to lose 10 kg by the end of the year. That is, 1 kg per month. At 2 kg per month I would have been happy, even ecstatic, but I managed to lose 20 kg in eight months. I repeat, all I did was count calories. After the first 10-12 kg, two girls from my group of friends visually felt that they also wanted to try. The first has a relatively slow evolution, the second lost 15 kg in a few months. She also does sports, unlike me who did not do any sports during this period. Cycling every day is not a sport if you don't do it on a tour of France, don't be fooled. Cycling does not help you lose weight when you pedal like a pensioner.
What I ate: anything. Absolutely anything. Bacon with onion at 12 o'clock at night chocolate, cake, sausages, small & # 8230 but I calculated draconically any gram, and I put it with sanctity in the application. The first few days, say the first week, are extremely difficult: I couldn't go hungry. But I used logic, thinking: & # 8220If you look at the app, you've eaten enough, you can't go hungry. & # 8221 The beginning is very hard. Then I began to realize that I like to eat a lot, and to continue to eat a lot I should choose foods that have fewer kilocalories per hundred grams. The enemy of fat are biscuits, nuts, nuts, and other concentrated foods. You can eat, but you have to be careful how much you eat. 10g of hazelnuts have as many calories as an apple, or 50g of chicken pulp do you prefer?
Basically, about the articles on financial education, losing weight or staying fit is an education in keeping on a kilocalorie budget. The guy in this link (it's also at the end) says that it took him 3 years to understand how much and how to eat. Three years of counting kilocalories to understand what a portion of a normal person means (I recommend his channel).
Another trick I've been doing lately, except at the beginning: I realized that I eat boredom many times and then, when I'm hungry for boredom and I can identify this, I go for a walk . I take a walk, I walk for half an hour. I'm hungry. Which, as I said above, is not hungry, the application shows me that I should not be hungry, I have enough kcal in me.
In general, from what I noticed from those I spoke to and who tried the method: the problem is lack of will, and laziness. Basically, you're fat because you don't want to eat less. But I'm not saying anything new, am I, fat?
The advantages of being weaker in the context of coronavirus (and not only): two years ago my & # 8220 working & # 8221 voltage was 14 by 10. It is a & # 8220normal upper & # 8221 voltage, ie it is the upper limit of normal. Now my blood pressure is 13 by 9, and there were days when I had 12 by 8. I mean, a standard healthy man's blood pressure. Pulse: before I started losing weight it was 80, which is a normal pulse but now I have a pulse of 60, which is & # 8220and more normal & # 8221 (trained athletes can have a 40-50 pulse at rest). I could run for about 30 seconds until I gave up, now I can run three rounds of the stadium: my heart is better prepared for this effort, my heart is better. If a disease strikes me, I should be better prepared to fight an infection (in the idea of ​​a better ability to pump blood).

Losing weight during this period is an additional reason to say that you did something with your life in the pandemic era. If losing weight is proven to increase your life expectancy, and you have increased your life expectancy by 2-3-5 years in a pandemic, stuck in the house for a year, it means that you are on the plus side, if we look at life as a business. You put an end to this pandemic year, when you will lose 10kg more than you.

According to The Guardian, a healthy body mass index should be between 22.5 and 25. When it is between 30 & # 8211 35, life expectancy decreases by two years. If it is between 40 & # 8211 45, and life expectancy decreases by 8 to 10 years.

I was firmly convinced that this is how I am, fat, because I don't have weak people in my family. Even fat, I was among the weakest in my family. Now, everyone tells me that I've lost too much weight, and I should do something, that I look like a sick man. I now have 90 kg at 175cm, so I'm still a little too fat compared to what the doctors say is ok.
I remembered my family because one of the problems with fat, and I notice it at home with my mother, is a lack of knowledge of the size of a normal portion. We are fat not because we & # 8220 have problems with the gland & # 8221, but because we have grown with a certain kind of portion. I attached two pictures: a cake cut on New Year's Eve, posed on January 2 in the evening: only three people ate it. The second picture is about the size of cutlery at my mother's house: & # 8220a spoon of & # 8230 & # 8221, & # 8220a fork of & # 8230 & # 8221 is something extremely relative in a family. When I started losing weight, I especially bought small forks, smaller plates, smaller glasses. Dessert forks. Small. But why are dessert forks smaller? Exact. We fat people have to eat with dessert forks.

That's all. Have a good year, and the fat ones hope to at least try to do something, if it bothers them that they are fat. For years it didn't bother me that I was a whale, until one day, when that belly I saw in the mirror didn't seem to be mine anymore. And then I got to work.
I decided never to be fat again. Allow me a + 5kg over the limit, but no more. It is easy to play with 5kg plus / minus, it is very difficult to manage an extra weight of 20 kg. For example, in December (Christmas, New Year's Eve) I ate like crazy, and put back 3kg. But tomorrow is Monday, and there are no more holidays. 3kg are much easier to lose than 20kg.

* I like FatSecret that has the option to scan barcodes. It takes less than 30 seconds to weigh and put in the app what you eat. After a few months, you start to learn that a slice of bread weighs 40 grams, for example, that an apple weighs 100-120 grams, that & # 8230 It's hard at first to stick to the application, until you get used to it. It also has & # 8220Recently eaten & # 8221, & # 8220Most eaten & # 8221 that is, if you have a fairly regular and monotonous menu, it becomes simple. You can put the products in the database yourself, when you scan the barcodes you already have them there. The database is online. I mean, if I put a priodus in the app, you already have it when you scan the barcode. I had set a target in the first months, to put in the application at least one product a day, I think the database of products from Romanian supermarkets is populated enough, if you start counting what you eat, you start weighing food and putting it in the application scanning barcodes.

I weighed 8 jellies: 94g & # 8230 sugar. Out of 100g, 85 are & # 8230 sugar (carbohydrates). The rest is 0. Zero & # 8220 nutritional values ​​& # 8221. How long do you eat 350kcal? I & # 8230 in two minutes? You have ten episodes of this with jellies, you put on half a pound. (+ 3500kcal = 500g deposited fat. -3500kcal = 500g minus.) Calories 100g blackberry and raspberry flavored jellies: 350kcal. Protein 2.5. Lipids 0. Carbohydrates 85. Fiber 0.
350kcal means about 200 grams of pork steak. My kcal budget is limited. What I want? What do I choose?

Milk versus juices: milk has protein, you can say it saturates you better than juice. You can look at milk as a food, as a meal. A glass of milk can be a snack. It has kcal about the same as a glass of juice.
You don't have to give up juices altogether, but replace them with something else. With milk?

Later edit:
Because they comment, I see, about clothes, I put two pictures (taken in 2020) of a future article that will be called: & # 8220The fashion of the second hand not the second hand fashion. & # 8221 An article somehow prepared, but I still have information to gather from him. I think, however, that it will come as a small series, because almost every day I find something to put in it & # 8230

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